Here are the results of the AZ Election audit.  Please share widely and make sure everyone interested has access to this information.



Here are the results of the AZ Election audit.  Please share widely and make sure everyone interested has access to this information.

The left has a lot at stake so their disinformation and smear campaign is in high gear.  The left has to go to full court press to try to defeat any corrective action as a result of this audit as well as sabotage audit efforts in any other state.  Please help dispel the disinformation!!


Overall results –
Signature Review –
Equipment and connections analysis –
General items –
AZ Title 16 analysis –

Issues include:

  1. Failure of Total Ballots Cast as represented in the canvass to reconcile against the cast votes record, the tabulator records ,or the voter history file records.Failure to follow procedure in ballot duplication (Elections Procedure Manual, carries force of law)
  • failed to attach serial numbers to some duplicated ballots
  • duplicated some ballots >once


  1. Multiple Voter Registration List related issues including:
  • out of state movers voting a full ballot (AZ permits POTUS race only in some instances)
  • apparent active duplicate voter records in multiple counties


III.            Signature Verification (analysis was pattern only not signature matching)

  • pattern analysis suggests more ballots should have been rejected (only 500 some-odd out of over 1.8 million were rejected for signature match)
  • significant increase in approval rates after 11/3


  1. The Hand Count resulted in a higher vote count for Biden:

Next steps:

  • Recent Senate agreement with Maricopa County calls for Special Master John Shaddeg to answer auditor questions regarding routers and splunk logs.
  • The reports include suggested legislative and process changes. Senate President Fann and Senate Judiciary Chair Warren Petersen held results conference and are clearly engaging in bills to address these issues next session.

Please help everyone stick to the facts and help make it easy to vote, hard to cheat.

A few lessons for upcoming elections.

VOLUNTEER: We are all busy.  Make time to either be a poll worker or poll watcher.  Participate in public meetings of your election office and election boards. It’s important!  Recruit others.  This is where countering cheating starts.

Need a job?  Apply to your elections office.  They always need honest, dedicated people.  Again, this is the way to stop cheating.

VOTING: a key cheating strategy is to steal your vote by the cheaters either voting your vote during early voting or by voting your vote via a mail in ballot.  How can you prevent that?  GO IN PERSON ON THE FIRST DAY OF EARLY VOTING.  That way you can be assured your vote is counted.  If you encounter any issues, you have time to correct them and have your vote counted.