The impact of Illegal Aliens on healthcare


Dear Friend of LIFA:

What has the problems with America’s health care system got to do with​​ Illegal Immigration?​​ ​​ The answer is a lot.​​ In fact,​​ an awful lot. Let’s just mention three elements.​​ Contagious diseases, emergency health care, and costs.

First,​​ let’s​​ look at contagious diseases. Most of the diseases of the past have been largely eradicated from America, but that is​​ not the case in the third world.​​ ​​ Africa still has​​ dangerous levels of​​ malaria,​​ measles, syphilis, meningitis, tuberculous, and HIV/AIDS.​​ Also,​​ no matter what country they are​​ from, the​​ poorer is the background of the person coming in the more likely any disease they have has not been properly treated.​​ 

An example is whooping cough. ​​ Guess what,​​ it is coming back. It is now being found in many places in​​ America​​ and what the media does not report because it does not fit their agenda, over 80% of all cases are Hispanics who have entered the US​​ illegally.

America is a very benevolent country and no matter what your status is if you go to emergency at​​ any hospital you will be treated. If you have no insurance and are here illegally with no ID it​​ won’t cost​​ you anything. The system has built in​​ higher costs​​ for​​ naïve​​ Americans to offset the costs for​​ illegals.​​ ​​ Also,​​ as an American you will wait hours while the​​ illegals​​ you are​​ paying for​​ are treated.

The sum total of all of this as an American, you will wait longer for emergency care, you are exposed to more diseases and your costs are higher all because of illegal immigration. We also are moving more in the direction of Canada which has done​​ two things​​ to further destroy​​ their health care,​​ 

1.​​ They have moved to a socialized medicine single payer and​​ 

2.​​ They​​ have​​ encouraged​​ aliens that are rejected by other countries to come on into Canada.​​ 

One of the results is a​​ medical​​ procedure that we would schedule to take place in 3 weeks​​ or so​​ here in America might take 6 months to schedule in Canada.

The cost of​​ illegal immigration​​ in both dollars and to our​​ health and​​ way of life is so much more than the fake news would tell us about is beyond belief.

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America