Special message from Amapola Hansberger, President, Legal Immigrants for America




Dear Friends of LIFA:

Can you call yourself a Republican and be for Open Borders and Sanctuary Cities?  Immigration and all its ramifications are at the heart of the fundamental transformation of our country.  People are not aware of it, and want to get along so they embrace anti-Constitutional ideas without real knowledge of what that means.

The left has succeeded in polarizing our country and a key to their success is the fact that they will never abandon a fellow party member even if he is caught red handed robbing a bank.  Their lackeys in the Media will either ignore the fact or defend their fellow Mafioso with all they have, all in one accord repeating like parrots what they are told to say by the Big Brother machine.

In the last century successful wars have been won silently and stealthily by infiltration, invasion, intimidation, dehumanization, political correctness that only one side is forced to adhere to, and I could go on but do not need to, all you have to do is read newspapers, watch the right and left news or talk to a leftist relative.

In the other hand, you have the Republican establishment.  Many Republican women’s organizations attract women desirous to learn the facts so they can make right decisions.  For that purpose, they come to the monthly luncheons to be with “like minded” individuals, listen to politicians, and organize themselves to help “Republican” candidates win elections.  This is all very good but not when those politicians come to oppose what Republicans should defend, and will mislead women who don’t have the facts.

These clubs should always vet the candidates they invite to speak on their positions on immigration, the sanctity of life, the 2nd amendment, and all other issues the National Republican Party stands on.

I have been a member of many Republican women parties and until I founded Legal Immigrants for America, my participation had no impact whatsoever.  If anything, I was mindlessly directed to like and campaign for the wrong people like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

This week I was invited to attend a meeting at a Republican party in Orlando but the speaker is an Orlando Commissioner who voted for Sanctuary cities.  LIFA and “The No-Sanctuary City” coalition which I represent have been against the city of Orlando becoming a Sanctuary or pseudo Sanctuary city.

At the request of a LIFA volunteer the club was petitioned to invite me to speak briefly on the illegality and consequences of Sanctuary cities. The President, a lady I love and respect, gave me 5-7 minutes to present my point but was concerned I might be too passionate on the subject.  I said of course,

  • Being polite and respectful is easy but
  • How can anyone be wishy washy when defending the truth?
  • How can anyone not sound “forceful” when presenting the opposite side of a debate?
  • How can anyone not be “forceful” without compromising what he/she stands on?
  • How can anyone permit her/his friends to be misled and convinced that good is bad and bad is good?

I was dis-invited the night before the event.   

I understand the decision for as a native-born Latina from Central America it would be impossible for me to embrace the politician’s point of view, even if he calls himself a Republican.

For us, and millions of legal immigrants, it is the issue that matters, not a desire to advance in politics.  We have no interest whatsoever in politics.  Our motivation is to spread the news that we exist.  Christian, law abiding, conservative Latinos that the Media and the establishment wants to keep quiet.

We believe in legal immigration, in the rule of law, and in preserving the Constitutional Republic of the Founding Fathers.  We have great admiration and respect for the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other Founding Documents.  We are grateful Americans, happy to have been grafted into the fabric of American culture and civilization.   We love the United States of America.  We are against Caravans organizing anywhere to come to invade our country.

As long as LIFA is here, it will be the “Voice of the Voiceless” legal immigrant that Americans never heard about. 


God bless America!


Amapola Hansberger

President of LIFA