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Dear Friends of LIFA

There has been much discussion of late on just how serious the situation is on the border. At LIFA we believe the Facts show that it is a “CRISES” and it is getting worse. It involves terrorism, drugs, child sex trafficking, disease, and many other criminal and social/economic factors. There is no question that walls work and no country can exist long with no barrier on its borders and welfare for all comers. This is an obvious magnet and weight on the shoulders of the American worker. Here are just a few of those Facts.


Illegal aliens

  • 18,000,000 and 4,200,000 of their children live in the U.S.
  • Account for 75% of all federal drug convictions;
  • 56,000 are in U.S. federal prison;
  • Are three times more likely to be convicted of murder than U.S. citizens;
  • 25,000 are serving murder sentences nationwide;
  • 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens;


  • 90% of heroin enters the U.S. through the southern border and kills 300 Americans a week.


  • Over 500 U.S. sanctuary jurisdictions protect criminal aliens from deportation.
  • Sanctuary cities have released nearly 10,000 criminal illegal aliens.

The Costs of Illegal Immigration

  • Taxpayers nationwide spend 134.9 billion annually to cover the costs of illegal aliens.
  • 657,000 “Dreamers” have received welfare.
  • Mexicans in America send over $30,000,000,000 back to Mexico each year.

The Wall

  • Existing walls reduce illegal traffic 95% per U.S. Border agents; Israel’s wall reduced terror attacks by 99%.

We are not enthused about providing more delay in solving the illegal alien DACA problem, but if we do get real guaranteed border security, then perhaps the tradeoff can be accepted.


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America

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