Dear Friend of LIFA


Dear Friend of LIFA:

Last week we told you about our success in moving the bill to ban sanctuary cities forward thru the legislature in Tallahassee.  It was not easy and over the last 10 days the Democrats tried every trick in the book to somehow stop it. They tried intimidating Republican Senators and Legislators. Senator Anitere Flores of Miami-Dade proved to have no backbone and became the only Republican Senator to defect to the illegal side. They tried passing amendments to weaken it, they tried giving long speeches to use up time in hopes time would run out in the session before passage.

We are so happy to report that all their efforts failed, and the completed bill has been delivered to the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis. By the time this email goes out it will already be signed or will be shortly. Why were we successful when past efforts failed each of the previous 2 years.

  1. A newly elected governor who gave early support
  2. Strong grass roots work by activist organizations
  3. A strong committed effort by Senate sponsor Joe Gruters and House co-sponsor Cord Byrd
  4. A follow thru with strong testimony before the House and Senate by FLIMEN, LIFA, and the Remembrance Project
  5. Governor DeSantis letting everyone know he was waiting with his pen.

Since Governor DeSantis was so much a part of this success, I think it would be good to remind you of what else has been accomplished in this 1st Session under his watch

–Expansion of School Choice for Florida Families (Vouchers)

–Tax cuts for Florida Families

–Hurricane Recovery Funding

–Reforms to lower prescription Drug Costs

–Funding for Everglades Recovery

–Improved Funding for Student Education

Now that we have succeeded in Florida becoming the 8th state to ban Sanctuary Cities, we will be on to our next step which is to require E-verify in Florida. This will anger the Open Border organizations of Chamber of Commerce, Open Society, Koch Brothers and George Soros. These are mostly anti-Trump organizations that promote cheap foreign labor and will fight against any requirements that favors the hiring of American workers over illegal aliens that work for lower wages. We also will carry forward our efforts in the 42 states that still have not passed laws to ban sanctuary cities. Any of you that need our help to get things moving in your states, let us know, we want to help spread our success in Florida to your state.



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