The establishment is doing everything they can to keep the border wide open




Dear Patriot

This is an urgent call to action. The Globalists at the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) just showed up at our wall to LOCK THE GATE OPEN. They even invited the media to join them as they make another attempt to keep the flow of illegal human and trafficking open that our wall has shut off.

Our legal team at WeBuildTheWall has done everything we can to work with the IBWC but this latest media stunt has gone too far. We aren’t going to let a bunch of UN globalists trample on the rights of the Americans our wall is protecting

I need you to call the IBWC’s office at (915)832-4100 and tell them to CLOSE THE DAMN GATE. Why are they doing the bidding of smugglers and human traffickers by keeping the gate open? You can ask for Jayne Harkins. If you can’t get through keep calling and leave messages. Be firm but respectful.


If you’re on Twitter you can also send Jayne Harkins a message at @HarkJay350. Use the hashtag #CloseTheGate

After you’ve called and/or tweeted you can help us by sharing this important call to action with like-minded Americans. We need people to keep calling until they stop with their open-borders bullshit. We’re working to get you additional people and branches to call so please add this email to your contacts as a safe/trusted sender so you see the alerts as soon as we send them out.

You can also make sure we have all the resources we need to fight them legally and politically by making a new contribution to


Please take action right now! Our wall and country depends on it.


God Bless

Brian Kolfage