Support Florida school children to stop bullying.


Because of you, Legal Immigrants for America,  Florida’s school children can now be set free from “bullying”!

See all the details about The Hope Scholarship inside the Back-To-School August Edition of the FLCA NEWSFEED — our brand new monthly publication.

Your personal PDF copy of the FLCA NEWSFEED may be downloaded from here. It’s quick and easy to attach to an email.


No child should ever be the victim of bullying at school, so please share it with your friends and email contacts who care about our children and their future.

  • You can easily print out the FLCA NEWSFEED to hand out at school, church and other events. It’s specifically designed to use as little ink as possible and still look great
  • Plus, you can catch up on significant FLCA Podcasts and important News Stories that you may have missed over the summer. There are a few relevant items that are printed out for your consideration.
  • The FLCA NEWSFEED will always be relevant and concise and filled with News you can use. There will never be an appeal for donations so you can share it with other like-minded groups and organizations.


We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions about the brand new FLCA NEWSFEED, or your personal story with bullying at school.

Please use this convenient form to send us your feedback or story.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

You bring hope and a better education to hundreds of thousands of school age children throughout the state of Florida.


It’s all about our children and their future!

In Liberty,

Keith Flaugh

FLCA Managing Director

Rick Stevens

FLCA Managing Director