President of LIFA comments on the issues of Immigration and Welfare.




Migrating to another country is not that difficult a process.  It is similar to applying for college.  There are requirements migrants need to fulfill.  Such as giving the information the Embassy requests, going through the background, health, and financial checks, and then waiting patiently for the verdict.

Like college applicants, those wanting to migrate to another country would be wise to fill out numerous residency applications at Embassies in their countries of origin.  If they are good candidates, their applications might be approved by a few countries.

If the difference between countries is the welfare benefits migrants receive in America, then it makes every sense to enforce that old law and make all things equal.  Aliens from non-English speaking countries will find it more palatable to migrate to a country that is most compatible in language and culture.  They might stop forcing themselves into the United States illegally at whatever the cost!  A cost that has proven to be way too high and out of proportion for many:  The loss of lives, the young women’s rape, the abduction of children and the sex enslaving, all tragic and unfathomable consequences.

Let the magnet be removed.  Governments are not created to act as charitable institutions but   to protect the citizens and enforce laws.  A political party that stands for attracting uninformed, naïve, and desperate aliens by offering benefits and preferential laws for them, is committing an atrocity.  Not only are they endangering the alien’s lives, helping the criminal element, but also endangering the lives of American citizens and residents.

As for the leaders of Third World countries with large numbers of poor, they delight in seeing those people climb on top of trains and buses on their way to the United States where they will stay and never return.  Especially if they are people with criminal backgrounds.  Those leaders cannot be blamed.  They want the best for their own people and are not responsible for the protection of American lives.

President Trump is not the first president to enforce this immigration law.  Before I came to the United States in 1964, my parents and I had to sign at the US Embassy in Managua, that I would not become a burden to the American taxpayer.  That meant that my schooling was done at night.  That I could not aspire to study a long career, and would be responsible for my support earlier than most people my age.  I was able to let my parents off the hook because I found the most amazing jobs anyone could dream of.

During the Jimmy Carter presidency in 1979, the Sandinista/Contra Revolution raged.  He made sure asylum seekers from Nicaragua were told that if they applied and received any social welfare or federal benefit, their application for political asylum might be denied.  My sister’s family, whose home was bombed and had to leave in a hurry bringing just a suitcase for the six of them, was told that.  I became their “sponsor” and guide.  I had to work lots of overtime hours to support them until they could get on their own two feet.  Once again, that did not cause me harm because I loved my job.

It is not logical to insult, demean, or assault the good people of America for just offering the opportunity of starting a new life in America and not giving the newcomers benefits created by and for the American citizen.

It was some of the Nicaraguans that chose to go Communist.  They knew that most would lose their homes, private property, investments, savings, farms, and businesses.  They knew about the proverbial “redistribution of wealth” better defined as the redistribution of misery.  They also knew about the terror Communism brings.    

Millions made their exodus to countries all over the world.  In those days, some Central American countries did not react kindly towards the fleeing Nicaraguans and would deny them asylum.  “You wanted Communism.  We don’t.  Go back to your country!” and would deport them.

America the Beautiful showed immense kindness and generosity.  Our country is a nation of laws.  Our responsibility as adopted citizens is to obey those laws, learn English, adapt, love and honor our country’s fight for freedom and justice for all.

God bless the United States of America!



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America