Greetings and Happy New Year, LIFAers!


As we wind up our fifth year as the “Voice to the Voiceless Legal Immigrant”, striving to be heard in a hurricane of contradictory information from all points and despite opposition from the mainstream media and its minions, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose censure we consider a badge of honor, LIFA has achieved a great deal in 2019.


To summarize:

In April LIFA coalesced with FLIMEN (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement) and the Remembrance Project to participate in the battle for passing SB-168 banning Sanctuary cities in Florida.


Amapola Hansberger, once a traditional legal immigrant, gave a passionate testimony in favor of SB-168 before both the Florida House of Representatives Judicial Committee and the Florida Senate Judicial Committee. Along with her husband, Jim Hansberger and Christopher Casler, LIFA’s original Executive Director, LIFA worked with others in the coalition to see that Florida House and Senate, shepherded by Senator Joe Gruters and Congressman Cord Byrd passed SB-168 out of the legislature with a majority to be presented to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who signed it into law June 14, 2019 to be effective on October 1st. Florida is now the 12th state to enact laws that make America safe again for Americans and legal immigrants.


Legal Immigrants for America is grateful to FLIMEN and the Remembrance Project, its partners in this campaign, and to the Republican leadership in Tallahassee and to Governor DeSantis for making Florida a safer, saner state because of the passage of SB-168 into law.


LIFA will continue to work with the Coalition to pass other pro American bills in Tallahassee and to protest dangerous bills being written like David Simmon’s bill to award driving “Permits” to illegal aliens and other bills. We thank those of you who supported LIFA with encouragement and contributions this year and for the many telephone calls, emails, and letters you sent to your elected officials in support of critical legislation.


In the fall, LIFA waded into the controversy surrounding employment-based visas that usually centers around H1-B visas made available to foreign workers imported to the U.S. AND WHO REPLACE American workers who are frequently required to train their foreign – often from India – replacements before being fired. This practice is widespread among well-known companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Disney. Many skilled Americans and their families are suffering because of this blatant abuse of American immigration law. LIFA is at the forefront of the effort to prevent this abusive discrimination against our fellow citizens.  We thank those who have called Washington to protest the passing of the misnamed “Fairness in Immigration” Bill HR 1044.


Please view LIFA’S videos on employment-based visa abuse.


Video Link

Video Link

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In Oct. 2019 LIFA published the Freedom vs. Socialism handout. It plainly presents the distinctions between Freedom (Free Enterprise and Liberty) and Socialism (state control and communism). LIFA’S bilingual cards presents facts especially necessary for voters and citizens who may be confused by the Left’s gas lighting misrepresentation of the truth, i.e. “fake news.”


The cards, often through the efforts of our loyal supporters, are in distribution in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, three vital swing states in the 2020 elections. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, please do not hesitate to do so. We will donate the first hundred. To order go to GOLIFA.COM and leave a message. You will be happy you did.


This is the last week in 2019. Your donations to keep us working, will be greatly appreciated.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year and may God Bless America!


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America