Good vs Evil, Freedom vs Socialism, Right vs Left, Logic vs Lies


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Our one-sided war continues. Good vs Evil, Freedom vs Socialism, Right vs Left, Logic vs Lies, but the biggest target for destruction is obviously the Church of Jesus Christ.

In some states and cities Governors and Mayors are putting out rules that prohibit singing during services and limit the attendance to 50 or even just 10 people when the gathering involves prayer. They have no problem with a gathering of 2000 or more for protestors there to demonstrate against law enforcement and government and to engage in burning of buildings, breaking down of doors and windows, looting private businesses, and causing bodily harm to innocent people.

The Revolutionaries are not hiding who they are. It’s all in the open, now. Their mission is to destroy the foundations of our country which they call “evil” and replace it with their own concept of “good.”  Who are these who have no tolerance for Christianity and have become its most aggressive attackers?


Christianity represents Freedom and that is exactly the opposite of the Marxist agenda. Every country in the world that has been taken over by Communism has had religious persecution and attempts to exterminate the Church and any religion.


The persecution of Christians and Jews is very much a part of their culture. Muslims do not hide that. Christians are being martyred in the Middle East and Africa every day.

Black Lives Matter:

The founders call themselves “trained Marxists”. Their mission is the destruction of family and Christian values as we know them. They should be called: “Bad Ideas Matter” because they have nothing to do with saving black lives. On the contrary, the harms caused the blacks by their lawlessness, burning, and destruction of businesses, and private property is immeasurable. It’s affected black businesses, towns, and property in a terrible way. They should be apologizing to the black community.

Democrat Governors and Mayors:

The Democrat Party should be labeled “The Socialists and Marxists of the USA” for that’s who they represent. They seem to hate the Church and our country.

Our answer is to pray and follow what the link enclosed is asking. In my own words: Pray as if your life depended on it, because it does.

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Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America