A Cuban-American to young voters saying Do Not Disrespect Your Grandparents By Voting For Socialism For Florida


To my fellow young Cuban Americans:

 Do not disrespect the memory and legacy of your grandparents by ushering “socialism” into Florida. There is no greater slap in the face to our “abuelos” (many of them in heaven) than voting for these radical ideas. If our grandparents hadn’t escaped this system’s policies, you and i would likely not be here today. Get past the emotional rhetoric, reason your way through issues, and “vote” to make America the shining land on the horizon our abuelos sought out during that voyage in the dangerous night. History is so important to pass down from generation to generation…….


We need to teach our kids!!!!


Florida: “you are in your twenties and have a young family. You have a great job in thriving Cuba. One day, thugs seeking power ride into Havana because of their promises of free healthcare, free education, and a better life for the poor. As the months pass, people are forced to turn in their guns, give up their property, and are jailed or executed for disagreeing with the new system. Friends of yours are jailed, shot and taken to labor camps never to be seen again. You flee in the middle of the night with $20, the clothes on you back, your young child and wife in your arms with the Cuban national police chasing after you. You and 80 others board a dilapidated old boat fit for 20 people, and head out into the dark and threatening ocean hoping that a Cuban gunship or the 15-foot storm-waves in the straits of Florida won’t kill you. You reach the U.S., are granted political asylum appreciate the privilege to work, and build a great future for your family in a “free land”. You grandchildren have lived easy and happy lives, reaping the rewards you’ve built for them. Due to emotional hyperbole, ignorance, and a lack of reason, your grandchildren are now hearing the same promises of free healthcare, free education, and a safe, gun-free future.


Written by Freddy Vallejo