I am Amapola Hansberger, the Founder of Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA). I came to the USA in 1964 as a legal immigrant.

I have a question for all legal immigrants and descendants of legal immigrants, and especially for all of you who also are Christians:

Aren’t you tired of being called hateful names by those on the left?

Karl Marx initiated the strategy of using language to attempt to belittle and destroy a person’s credibility and reputation, and especially toward those who fiercely opposed his left-wing political philosophy.

Now the far left in the USA is picking up where Karl Marx left off. The far left is intent on destroying our Judeo-Christian values in the USA, and they are using the issue of immigration as part of their vicious attack on America.

The left believes that our immigration laws are evil and should not be enforced. The left wants to weaken our borders and not have a wall. The left loves amnesty, and would just as well have a green light at the border instead of ICE agents.

The left doesn’t care at all about who is entering the USA these days. They don’t care if Muslim terrorists are hidden among Syrian refugees. They don’t care if human trafficking victims and sex trafficking victims are being smuggled across the border by coyotes.

The left prefers to wave the Mexican flag and burn the American flag.

The left sees illegal immigrants as a powerful new voting force for the Democrats, even if it means destroying the American economy and casting millions of native-born Americans and legal immigrants out of work.

Pastors and churches on the left engage in a type of false compassion which does not appear anywhere in the Bible.

Yes, we Christians are called to be compassionate in our collective, personal capacities, but that is far different from what the Bible tells us about governmental policy and the rule of law.

A Christian should be compassionate and charitable in his or her own personal and individual capacity to those that Jesus refers to as “the least of these My brethren”; however, the Bible also states that a government exists to “bear the sword” and “execute wrath” on those who commit illegal acts and on those who sponsor, support, promote, or enable such illegal acts.

A government exists to promote justice, protect its borders and its citizens, and to defend its national sovereignty. Illegal immigration accomplishes none of this and any true Christian must oppose it.

We legal immigrants who are Christians respect the Bible and we also respect the rule of law. We cannot be silent any longer when we see what is happening to our once-great nation.

Please join me in praying for this nation, that we will stop turning away from God and His word, and turn back toward Him once again, so that once again God can truly bless America!


Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

All donations to LIFA are deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes.


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