The message from Eva Kovacs

I believe in the American dream. A belief held by generation after generation since the beginning and reanimated over the decades by waves of immigrants like me who came to this country legally.

My mother an architectural engineer became a cleaning woman, my father an accountant for 52 stores in Hungary used his hands as a carpenter to raise us children. Until we learned English life was rough, But wonderful experience in the American dream! Five years later we swore to uphold the American creed, its flag and support its Constitution!

Today, I write and write the bad for the good of mankind against the illegal Administration.

Its illegal actions of millions flocking in without a care and taken to hotels and served food so they would vote for the Democratic Party.

My heart aches for those who suffer, as my parents did to call this country their home! After 5 years of cleaning houses, my mother became the first woman engineer for NASA, and she drew the 32 steel platforms for the rocket ships to space, and she was the ingenue of the Space Shuttle.

Many days I went with my mother to clean houses as a kid, and 7 years later I  achieved the American dream. I believe that is why God and my guardian angels had something to do with the twist of fate—the irony of my premature birth in Hungary caused by an American bomber, and seventeen years later, my flight from Soviet-occupied Hungary to capture the heart of the American dream. I lived the night mare and the dream–and yes, I fled the Iron Curtain and landed on the Red Carpet of fashion and fame.

My story in this book, are the illegalities we face today. When my diary was confiscated under Stalin’s dictatorship, which told the true story of Soviet hegemony–is the very same thing we face today!

“The Soviets hand-picked their collaborators, speedily conducted elections in the fall of 1945, and even though loyal Hungarians won overwhelmingly, communists used their control of the police and their domination of the media to undermine results.

Moscow-trained puppets collectivized agriculture, nationalized industry, banking, and trade; took over private properties, and controlled all employment. Democracy was gone and hard-fist communism rule took over controlling everyone. Religion was outlawed, monasteries closed, and priests deported. The only clergy were traitorous clergymen willing to cooperate with tyranny.

Hell had completely triumphed!

We were taught this:

Without teaching the youth to adhere to socialism, there is no knowledge, and without knowledge, there is no Communism.”

On October 23, 1956, in a David and Goliath confrontation, Hungarians stood against the mighty Soviet Army and gained independence, for eleven days. But when the United States government failed to live up to the promise it promoted on Radio Free Europe’s broadcasts—to rise up, and needed help would arrive to liberate the Hungarian nation—millions were tragically misled.

The hopeful and desperate people were shamelessly betrayed in one of the greatest treacheries in human history, only to be stolen away again. Hungary was crushed to preserve the Soviet Bloc.  In a last desperate call to the free world, the Hungarians begged:

People of the free world, listen to our call; help us. Do not forget that this wild attack will not stop. You may be the next victim of communism!”

40 thousands Hungarians were killed, my father fought to the end. When all was lost, he grabbed up his family and we escaped. The day of our escape in ’56’, Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party, said:

“We will take America without firing a shot. We don’t have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

As the author of my book, I weep and pray for America! I never thought at a tender age, Khrushchev’s words would come true…

Lastly, with a short video and my website below, I finish with this:

Blessed be you who walked my path!  May light, love, peace accompany you!  Thank you.