Dear Friends of LIFA:

We are blessed to live in the kindest country in the world.  We are being tested. But it should bring comfort to our hearts to see our President, Vice-President, and his CoVid-19 Team be so engaged in the fight against the “invisible enemy”.  It is also impressive to see Florida Governor DeSantis immediate response, and Florida Senator Rick Scott’s informational virtual Townhalls. For more information go to  One of the items discussed is the moratorium on the payments of rents and mortgages for those harmed by the CoVid-19. Their hard work will pay off and Florida might end up being among the few states that conquers the coronavirus with a minimum amount of disruption.

One thing to celebrate is that the USA does not have Socialized medicine. Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the Italian doctor’s e-mail to his British friend describing tearfully how hard it was to turn off the ventilator from people that are 65 or older so they could use them on younger people who have better chances of survival! Socialized medicine should be named “Rationed Medicine”.

The Pandemic has triggered Christians to unashamedly join others virtually to pray. Groups have popped up here and there that you could join to pray. It has brought out the best in people. Some on the Left have stopped their hateful rhetoric against our President and some have even said positive things about the president, including Gov. Gavin Newsom of California and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York.

Like all major disasters of the past including wars and contagious outbreaks of disease, America will take a hit but bounce back stronger and even more exceptional than before.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America