Dear Friends of LIFA:

There is a reason why the SPLC calls me the new Joe McCarthy.  I speak from personal experience and they do not like that.  Victims of Communism must stay quiet.

The Socialist Democrat Party insists on bringing illegal aliens from corrupt and totalitarian nations.  They prefer illegal aliens to legal ones.  The traditional and proper legal immigrant will be difficult to manipulate into voting only one way.

The latest abhorrent actions of the left betray what is in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and will end up losing them votes. When did an infant born or being born lose his right to life and the pursuit of happiness?  New York and Virginia are pushing the envelope.

If you analyze Collectivism (the greater good for the greater number of people, at the expense of the individual) you find that Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Leninism, Maoism, Nazism, Fascism, and even Islamism, are very much the same.  For example:

All of the above regimes have the State as the giver of rights, which are dependent on the individual going along with their ideology, methods, and tactic.  If in opposition, the State will make sure those voices won’t be heard and their lives won’t be worth much.  It is a historical fact that Collectivists will go after individuals that oppose them irrespective of the numbers.  Communist Mao Zedong was responsible for the death of about 50 million people!  A quote from him: “Communism is not love.  Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.”

In our U.S. Constitution our unalienable rights come from God.

Collectivists abhor individualism.  They want people to stay ignorant, irrational, misinformed and angry.

Our Constitution gives us the right of free speech, to assemble, and worship.

Collectivists do not believe in giving such freedoms to all.  Only to, once again, those who share their ideology.  Also, they will demonize religion.  Divided loyalty is unacceptable to them.  You must “worship” the State as in a cult.

In our Republic, all are “created equal” and the rights of the individual respected.  We have laws.  We reject Majority rule or “Democracy” which can turn into Mob Rule and morph into tyranny from the majority.

But the worst offense of all of collectivism is the taking and confiscating of private property and businesses from the hardest working citizens.  We have seen victims of communism arriving at the shores of the United States empty handed and traumatized as were the Holocaust survivors.

The intention for such evil is to impoverish the population and make them dependent on the State.  Therefore, you better keep acquiescing and going along with the atrocities they commit.  This is not a hypothesis but a reality that millions of USA’s Residents and Naturalized Americans have endured.  LIFA’s mission is to bring facts about this issue that some may not know.

Schools and universities are not teaching the truths of Collectivism versus Individualism.  They are neglecting their duty to educate Americans on their history and that of the Anti-American Left, or Progressives, nice names for the proponents of the above listed regimes.  Their skill in manipulating language is unparalleled.

However, there is hope.  The American citizen was born free and it would be impossible for him/her to accept Socialism or Collectivism, once it is exposed.  We have to pray that the “uninformed voter” will learn this, and vote against slavery.

For now, in preparation of the presidential election of 2020 we can do many things.  Praying is definitely one of them.  But some, young and old who can be proactive in politics, calling Representatives, joining organizations working hard to defend our freedoms, and speaking about the threat of Socialism are important contributions.  God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.



Amapola Hansberger – President

Legal Immigrants for America


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