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What do COVID-19 crackdowns tell us about Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto?”

A lot, especially when it comes to education.

As politicians shut public schools, millions of American parents found new resonance with home-schooling, and discovered the great value of content that’s disconnected from leftist political pedagogy.

Which not only angers left-wing teacher’s unions and politicians, it reveals how tightly they have tied American education to the Tenth Plank of Marx’s 1848 “Communist Manifesto.”


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For decades, many people have been forced to shell-out tax money to public schools on the local, state, and federal level, never knowing that Americans were highly literate and functional in mathematics for centuries prior to the late 1800s growth of government schools.

They were never aware that forcing kids into government-run schools is pure collectivism, promoted by Marx.

It’s true, and in PART SIX of MRC’s COLLEGE UNBOUND! Learning Series, we at the MRC explore this and much more that has been adopted by U.S. politicians, straight from the last FIVE PLANKS OF THE COMUNIST MANIFESTO.

How is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) similar to Plank Six of the “Manifesto?”

How did FDR’s admiration for Marxism translate aspects of Planks Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten into US “Great Depression” and “Wartime” policies? How have other Presidents, such as Barack Obama, expanded on those dark precedents?

And, how have all of them attacked the U.S. Constitution, free will, and economic growth?

The answers aren’t pretty. But we need to understand these lessons in order to fight for liberty. 

“COLLEGE UNBOUND!” will contain over 120 minutes of video lessons with writer and lecturer Gardner Goldsmith, over 100 pages of teaching text, quizzes to reinforce the knowledge, and conversation starters to help you chat with friends and family who enjoy the series!

Catch the installments — FREE! We’re on PART 6, and we can’t wait to share the whole course, to say “thank you” for backing freedom!

— The MRC

P.S. You can catch up any time by visiting the video series landing page. Episodes 1-6 are available now, with more to come.