Americas values are being compromised by our own elected officials


Dear LIFA Readers

Some of the members of the Legal Immigrants for America family have suffered under oppressive regimes and find the behavior of the House Democrats in Congress similar to what they experienced under Marxists, Socialists, Communists, or Totalitarian regimes.  Business is not as usual in Washington, D.C. The House Democrats are now openly defying our laws and won’t even try to hide their hatred for our president and the rancor against us, the American “Deplorables”. 


Questions to ask about the Democrats:

Are they adhering to our Constitution and laws? No
Are they respecting precedent? No
Are they respectful of the minority party? No
Are they respectful of We the People? No
Are they honoring their oath of office? No
Do they care what We the People think? No
Do they respect our 2016 vote? No
Are they taking the power by forceful means? Yes

None of this surprises the victims of Communism.  They have seen it coming.  What the Democrats are doing is orchestrating a coup against our duly elected president because he is not one of them.  Because they cannot manipulate him, he opposes them, and has become an obstacle in the achievement of their goal to fundamentally transform the United States into something more in line with Venezuela and Cuba.  That people in those countries starve and are denied their human rights does not bother the Democrats in the House. 

LIFA thanks Senator Graham for introducing a Resolution with Speaker McConnell that lets the House Democrat know that the process they are engaged in is “out of bounds, inconsistent with due process and a Star Chamber-type inquiry, a substantial deviation from what the House has done in the past regarding impeachment of other presidents”. 

He gives them the benefit of the doubt as he goes on saying: “If you believe you have a case against the President…”(Read his words in the link attached).

S. Res. 378

As I hinted above, these “Democrats in Congress” have few pro American constituents.  Their chosen constituents are the anarchists, Socialists, Communists, illegal aliens members of Cartels, gangsters, radical Islamist terrorists and other American hating groups.

Their tactics as defined as Nancy Pelosi in a public speech:  “You tell an untruth… (then she explained how to amplify the lie, relate it to the Media and obliterate the enemy).  It is a tactic”.  Yes, Ms. Pelosi, it is a Marxist tactic!

The “House Democrats” must not be allowed to get away with their acts of Sedition against our president and our country.   Their actions speak of their intention to overthrow our government starting with the impeachment of our legitimate president.  I dare not speculate on what they would do next if they were to be successful.

Senator Graham’s Resolution is step in the right direction.  The Republicans in Congress need to unite and denounce the House Republican’s revolutionary acts.  Our Representatives need to hear from us.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America