Amnesty comes with a huge cost to America.




DACA And The Dream Act:  Sounds Easy And Compassionate To The Uninformed, But Has Disastrous Unintended Consequences For Conservatives And It Doesn’t Solve Anything

By Greg Aprahamian – 8-3-19


The Congressional election cycle is nearing and once again the general public starts to engage with political candidates and enter the political arena.  Lately I’ve started to run into polite and well meaning individuals and politicians in conservative circles, who when asked about DACA and the Dream Act often suggest a willingness to accept an amnesty for these individuals and seem inclined to think that amnesty is an easy way  to solve the problem of the illegal immigrants that are brought to the United States as minors.

A common response to the problem is:  They’ve been here a long time, what else can we do?

And these DACA recipients and Dream Act eligible aliens often have family members that are US born citizens, we need to do something.  Maybe they add:  They’re not going to leave and we can’t deport them all.

These well meaning individuals seem to want to solve this problem, and from a certain vantage point amnesty seems to be a quick, easy, solution that appears to look compassionate and have no unintended consequences:

My response to these well meaning conservative individuals is:  Have you thought this through – all the way?

Amnesty at first glance seems to be a quick and easy way to deal with the situation,  but have the Conservative and Republican voters who are in favor, really thought the whole thing through and included in their thoughts the repercussions and the unintended consequences that will happen because of a DACA or Dream Act amnesty?

Below is a short list of the repercussions a Dream Act like amnesty would have if enacted.

Rush to the border:  When Congress makes a push for amnesty whether it passes or not, word spreads around the world that an amnesty for illegal immigrants is likely and this spurs a rush for our borders by individuals hoping to take advantage of the amnesty. This is a well documented phenomena that took place during the 1986 amnesty and onward.

Establishes an on going and perpetual problem:  Once a DACA or Dream Act amnesty is passed in congress, it spurs more illegal immigration into the United States especially with illegal crossers with minors.  Once you give one group amnesty, the precedent is set for the next group. Those wishing to immigrate to the USA learn that bringing a minor into the US is the ticket to permanent status.  Groups that support amnesty and open borders will continue to support amnesty for the next group, and will continue to undermine enforcement and this will inevitably lead to the effort and expectation of the next amnesty, thus causing a perpetual and continuous problem and continuous call for a legislative amnesty to fix the problem.

Chain Migration:  Once the illegal alien minor gains amnesty through the Dream Act,  they can then file for chain migration for the parents that illegally brought the minor into the country, and all family members connected with the family will then have a ticket to permanent residency in the United States.  An amnestied immigrant will sponsor on average 6.38 relatives from their home country.

The numbers:  Since the creation of DACA up until April 30, 2019, approximately 1,127,010 illegal aliens have received deferred action.  It is estimated that a minimum of 3,000.000 illegal aliens could receive amnesty under the Dream Act. This number of Dream Act eligible illegal aliens will inevitably swell once one considers fraud and a rush to our borders to take advantage of the amnesty is taken into consideration.  3,000,000 illegal aliens given amnesty through the Dream Act would then probably bring in another 19,140,000 family members through chain migration, thus the Dream Act amnesty would legalize and bring in a minimum of over 22,000,000 people.

Voting habits of the amnestied individuals:  The overwhelming majority of DACA recipients and those eligible for the Dream Act are Mexican citizens, then the next highest ranks are citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Once these amnestied individuals start to vote they will join the voting ranks of Hispanic Americans, according to Pew Research Center Hispanics in America vote on average around 70%  for the Democrat party.

This is of course why 100% of Democrat politicians support amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Amnesty watersdown and marginalizes the voting power of Republican voters.

Conservatives and Republican voters need to understand legalization of these individuals, coupled with chain migration  will have a devastating long term impact on future elections in the United States, especially in states with high illegal alien populations but still have a viable Republican party like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida.

But What if we… Scenarios are often pitched by well meaning people who want to be viewed as compassionate, to offer an amnesty to these DACA and Dream Act eligible illegal aliens that offers permanent residency, but no citizenship, and/or no chain migration.  This will not work because groups favorable to amnesty and/or open borders will claim that it is creating a second class tier of permanent residents that are ineligible for citizenship and that it is racist. These same groups will push future Congresses to offer citizenship to these amnestied individuals and the ability to apply for chain migration sponsorships because they don’t want to separate families, and those who initially opposed the chain migration will no longer have the will to try and enforce the initial bargain that was agreed upon.

When considering the consequences, why should we do anything?

DACA and the Dream Act was initiated as a remedy to solve the legal residency problems of the millions of illegal alien minors brought into the United States.  DACA was suppose to be a temporary remedy and The Dream Act was designed to permanently solve the residency problem of this specific population. That’s the thing we need to remember,  this is their problem, not America’s problem. These families gamed the system by entering our country illegally (often with the hope of a future amnesty), took jobs illegally, and are now saying we need to solve their  residency problem and offer them the ticket to usher in millions of the relatives of these Dream Act eligible illegal aliens through chain migration. Perhaps we need to remember that this is their problem, they chose to break our laws,  why do we now need to change our laws, suffer the negative repercussions (rush to the border, and perpetual need for further amenities) all to solve their problem.

Perhaps until our country has the will to put Americans first, and enforce our existing immigration laws, the best thing we can do for this population is nothing at all.