An angel mom earned and deserves our help.


Fellow Conservative,

When I became a citizen, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

When my son was murdered by an illegal alien, my oath was put to the test… Now, I am standing up and fighting for the country I love and call home.

My name is Agnes Gibboney – I am an Angel Mom, an American patriot, a conservative Republican and I’m running for California’s 31st Congressional District.

I need your help to fight back against the dangerous and destructive policies of the Left. Will you support my campaign with a critical donation of $25 or more now?

I was just two years old when my family escaped Soviet controlled communist Hungary. We joined 200,000 Hungarians – narrowly missing the barbed wire fencing and mine fields being completed on Hungary’s western border.

For ten months, my family and I sat in a refugee camp dreaming of a new life in America. At this point, the United States was not an option for us. So, we immigrated to Brazil where we waited thirteen years for our family’s U.S. immigration application to be accepted.

Thirteen years – we never gave up, we never even gave thought to illegally enter America – we waited and dreamed of entering the land of the free the right way.

Finally, the time came and I chose to become a citizen of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.

I know, it sounds as though my life has been a dream achieved. But it has not been without tragedy.

My first-born child, Ronald was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien at the age of 29 – leaving behind two sons of his own. The pain and despair endured by our entire family is something no one should have to feel.

What’s worse? This was an intentional act by someone who should not have even been present in our country. I have now dedicated my life to speaking out about this crime, demanding our country secure its borders and put an end to illegal immigration.

But I need your help to take this fight to the halls of Congress and help President Trump secure our borders and Make America Great Again. Will you join my fight by chipping in $25 or more now?

We did it the right way. We waited our turn. We came to America to build a better life. Then an illegal immigrant comes and steals my son’s life, destroys our entire world, and Leftist politicians continue to fight for their right to be in OUR country.

I took my citizenship oath seriously and I am ready to stand against the threats we are facing. That’s why I am running for the United States Congress in California’s 31st Congressional District – and why I need your support.

Through my family’s tragedy, we have found an ally in President Trump. While many members of Congress focus on their unjust political power grabs and witch hunts against our president, Donald Trump has fought to make Angel Families heard and supported.

Congress should be addressing the legitimate threats to our country, but they are too busy searching for justification to fulfill their promise to impeach our president before he even took office.

I want you to know that I stand with President Trump, and I will fight every day to protect the America I know and love.

This country has been my dream since I can remember, and no murderer or radical Leftist member of Congress will deter me from protecting it at all costs.

Will you help me fight for America by chipping in $10, $25, or even $50 to my campaign today? I need your support as I embark on this journey, on this mission to be an undeniable voice in Congress.

I am not a politician, but I know what hurts and what helps the citizens of our country. I will be a voice of reason and a vote for advancing the ideals and values that have made it possible for so many to pursue and live the American dream – but, I need your support. Please, join my team today.

Thank you,

Agnes Gibboney
Republican for Congress