An excellent election analysis by Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel



November 7, 2018

Yesterday saw history repeat itself in the House of Representatives, but exceed historical norms in the Senate. This is critical to America’s long-term judicial future!

Historically, midterm elections create turnover in congressional majorities. Among the biggest historical losers, as reported by CNSNews:
In 2010, President Obama lost 63 House seats to Republicans in the Tea Party wave. In 1946, President Truman lost 55 Democrat seats after succeeding the late Franklin Roosevelt. In 1994, President Clinton lost 54 Democrat seats.

While some of yesterday’s races remain too close to call, President Trump may have lost 36 seats in the House giving the Democrats the majority power in the lower chamber.

In January, 2019, the House of Representatives and all of its committees will fall under Democrat control with Nancy Pelosi likely at the helm. Today, President Trump stressed the need for bipartisan cooperation during his lengthy and sometimes contentious post-election press conference.
“Hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people, including on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs… we’ll negotiate.”

But even before gaining control of the House, a number of likely Democrat committee leaders declared war on the Trump administration and the President himself. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have already compiled a list of 64 items they deem as “actionable” against the Trump administration. And the threat of impeachment is already in the air.

A major victory!

It is a rare event that the party represented in the Executive Branch gains seats during the midterm election in either chamber, yet yesterday the Senate gained seats (the total is still to be determined).

This is why keeping control of the Senate is imperative… 

The Senate has already confirmed 84 federal judges nominated by President Trump, which includes 53 trial judges, 29 appeals judges, and two Supreme Court Justices. President Trump set a record for appeals court confirmations during the first year of his presidency, and this legacy will continue for many years. With more Republican seats in the Senate, President Trump has a green light to nominate scores of judges that have a constitutionalist judicial philosophy. The impact of reshaping the federal judiciary (including the Supreme Court) will last for decades.
In Florida, the next governor, Ron DeSantis, will fill three vacancies in the state Supreme Court in January. President Trump campaigned in Florida for DeSantis. All the polls predicted the socialist gubernatorial candidate Gillum would win. They were wrong!

President Trump has consistently nominated federal judges who interpret the law according to the Constitution, and the midterm election will allow him to continue that practice. Now that Republicans have increased seats in the Senate, this is a positive move in confirming more constitutionalist judges, rather than judicial activists, to the federal bench. President Trump’s legacy in reshaping the federal judiciary to one that respects the rule of law will last for decades.

Help us keep Washington moving in the right direction!

This election has given license to the Democrat-led House of Representatives to pursue their Leftist agenda, issue subpoenas, investigate the Trump administration, and end Republican-led initiatives. Yet, our pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-liberty measures must continue to define the legislative course under President Trump.

Liberty Counsel Action’s vision is to restore America’s core values, renew our love of freedom, foster individual responsibility, promote the sanctity of life and marriage, restore our Christian heritage, and advance our First Amendment rights.

Through our Washington, DC, office and a healthy friendship with the Trump administration, we have unprecedented opportunities to influence public policy. In spite of losses in the House, we will use every opportunity afforded to us to move Washington and our nation’s judiciary in the right direction.