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Ann Coulter has significantly impacted the immigration debate in the United States with her two recent books entitled “Adios, America!” and “In Trump We Trust.”

Coulter recently commented on the role of immigration as an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign.

“The law is the law,” Coulter told radio talk show host Larry Kudlow. “[The United States is a] nation of laws.”

Coulter stressed her opinion that she does not believe that anyone living in the United States illegally has a constitutional right to stay.

Coulter observed how there are laws on the books to alleviate the issues of illegal immigration, but officials and the wealthy do not want to enforce those laws because, as Coulter opined,  Democrats want votes and “plutocrats” want cheap labor for their homes done by people “who don’t live in their neighborhoods.”

Coulter told Kudlow that she believes that the true number of illegal immigrants in the United States is “at least 30 million, probably more like 50 million.”

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