“Another Destroy America Act”



Dear Friends of LIFA:

While every state in the union is being inundated with lamentable news about the permanent closure of favorite, local food hangouts and even national chain restaurants, we are told to rest assured by the Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives that they have supposedly concocted an antidote to ruinous lockdown consequences with their proposed “HEROES Act” legislation.

What does that mean and what’s in it?

For one thing this massive $ 3 Trillion bill from the land of socialist milk and honey, represents a financial behemoth of borrowed money that will haunt our nation’s fiscal health long into the foreseeable future; particularly following on the heels of the recently enacted CARES Act with its more than $ 2 Trillion projected price tag, on top of our already existing national debt.

The most galling aspects of this new ‘COVID-19’ stimulus bill are not merely the numerous zeros after the dollar sign.  The unpalatable facets are the blatant disregard by its Democrat architects for the American citizen and legal immigrant in favor of illegal aliens.

Since LIFA is primarily concerned with immigration issues let’s select the menu items from the Democrats’ legislative smorgasbord completely unsavory to the American citizen and legal immigrant palate regarding immigration.


Stimulus Funds for Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary Cities Funding

Legal Immigration Increases

Each one of these items is described in more detail here.

With more than 36 million American workers filing claims for unemployment insurance in May, any funding for illegals should be the least of our worries.  According to the HEROES Act jobs declared as ‘essential’ would shield undocumented workers from deportation, mandating a de facto amnesty.  Employers hiring these illegal workers would also be exempt from any negative legal consequences.  With other words this legislation would incentivize companies to retain and hire illegals (often at lower wages and with no benefits), at a time when the unemployment figures for American citizens have reached historic proportions.

Cases in point are hospitals.  The HEROES Act allows for additional hiring of foreign medical personnel, when many American employees in this line of work have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  We are not faced with a situation where hospital beds are overflowing with patients.  Quite the contrary!

Also, while American citizens are being harassed or even arrested in various states for not completely adhering to the locally decreed COVID-19 rules, federal prison inmates, among them criminal aliens, are to be released from confinement under the HEROES legislation.

Isn’t it disturbing enough that our country’s citizens have to deal with a potentially deadly pandemic and its devastating economic and social impact?  The HEROES Act adds insult to injury by disadvantaging American citizens and legal immigrants even further.  What could the bill’s authors have had in mind other than political posturing?

The fact that the Senate leadership has declared the bill “dead on arrival,” and President Trump opposes it and has promised a veto, doesn’t render this proposed bill any less distasteful and appalling with respect to its freebies unabashedly catering to undocumented immigrants and leftist Democrat constituencies.

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America