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We do not want to sing “Don’t cry for me United States of America!” after a few years of Socialism. Our Judeo-Christian country has been uniquely blessed from its founding and we must fight to keep our Constitutional Republic for future generations.

Argentina committed SUICIDE. But they’re not alone, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua commit suicide every time fake elections come around by voting for Socialism/Communism out of fear of retaliation from their elite Mafiosos that govern them. That must not be our fate.

The best cure for the evil of Marxism is for people to educate themselves and keep voting for FREEDOM! Learn who the Messiah of the Left is: Karl Marx was the embodiment of evil. An egocentric, misguided, and envious man who could not fathom that others less intelligent and educated than him would go to work in a free environment and prosper while he and his family starved because of his refusal to go to work and support them.

In 1776 the English-speaking world and some European countries implemented Adam Smith’s principles from his remarkable book “The Wealth of Nations” and they began to thrive. Marx and Engles had to destroy that miracle. The free market principles did not benefit the government hand out crowd who refused to work, were lazy, and covetous.

Let us the American citizens and Residents sing “God Bless America” instead on November 4th! After Latinos, Eastern Europeans, Chinese and all victims of Communism from all over the World go vote for FREEDOM!


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America


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