Call to Action: Stop $40 billion Ukraine aid bill


FL Residents Please Contact Senators Rubio and Scott and tell them to vote NO on this bad spending bill.

Other states residents please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO.

Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 – ask operator to connect you to your Senator(s) office

Leave a message with Staffer or on answering machine to vote NO on this Ukraine Relief Bill .


Congress is in session this week, and Ryan Walker joined us with the latest information that Sentinels need to know – Congress is considering a total of $90 BILLION in so-called emergency spending in the coming weeks, and the time to hold Congress accountable is now.

Swampy Process for Ukraine Bill

Last week, the House approved a $40 billion spending package for Ukraine, $7 billion more than the White House’s initial request, and with less than six hours to review the bill. 57 Republicans voted no on the bill (see how your representative voted). The American people support the people of Ukraine, but not the DC Swamp’s broken process. Congress should reject the “spend first and ask questions later” approach.

This bill is now in the Senate, with a vote likely later this week, and if amended could return to the House for a final vote. Here is what the bill includes:

  • High Spending: The price tag on this bill is $40 billion. This is in addition to the $13.6 billion Congress spent in March. To put it in perspective: the EU has, to date, only spent $2.1 billion. Russia’s annual military budget is just $65 billion. And the Department of Justice annual budget is just $35 billion. At a time when America is facing historic inflation, this is a high amount of spending for so little debate, discussion, oversight, and accountability.
  • Irresponsible Spending: Heritage Foundation analysis has shown the package funds salaries and pensions of Ukrainian government employees (including retirees), and even funds unlawful immigration benefits here at home. American taxpayers cannot afford the bureaucrats in the American government, much less bankrolling the Ukrainian government employee pensions at the same time.
  • Lacks Offsets: The price tag for the bill will be added to the national debt instead of being offset by cuts to other spending. There is ample opportunity for offsets: shows that $373 billion in unobligated federal COVID spending has not been spent — any new spending for Ukraine or other priorities should come from that spending, not inflation-increasing deficit spending.
  • Lacks Accountability: There is very little oversight and accountability for this spending. Sen. Rand Paul is rightfully taking a stand to demand an Inspector General (IG) to oversee the funds. We must hold Congress accountable now, not after billions are lost to fraud. There is no guarantee or provision for Congress to claw back misspent money from Ukraine. Remember, accountability for the spending is not only pro-American, but pro-Ukrainian too. The Ukrainian people will benefit the most if fraud is minimized and the money is spent correctly.

Take Action: Urge your senators and representative to reject the swampy Ukraine supplemental spending bill (H. R. 7691)

The American people should reject false binary options. There are ways the United States can aid Ukraine responsibly, and Congress should pursue those avenues.

But the rushed, closed-door process that created this current bill is beyond problematic. And this broken process has resulted in a flawed bill containing provisions that fund unrelated programs and damage our immigration system, putting Americans last.

Congress must have a plan and accountability for where hard-earned tax dollars are going. The current Ukraine supplemental does not accomplish either. Congress should go through regular order and provide committee hearings and transparency to the American on oversight and strategy, and how it helps the American people. Share The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano’s op-ed on how Congress can support Ukraine and put American interests first.

More COVID Bailouts

In the coming weeks – possibly as soon as this week – the Senate will likely take up a bill called the “Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2022.” In reality, the bill is a nearly $50 billion bailout of restaurants, minor league sports, live music venues, and Alaskan businesses.

One problem with these government bailouts is the amount of waste and fraud. The Washington Post recently reported on the high amount of fraud from pandemic unemployment payments.

A second problem with bailouts is that government spending is a major driving force responsible for inflation. And now the Biden administration is attempting to spend more money on a problem created by… spending too much money. It’s time for Congress to say no to more bailouts.

While it appears unlikely that Democrats will get the needed ten Republican votes in the Senate to advance this bill, it will be because of the work of Sentinels urging them to hold the line.

>> Take Action: Urge your representative and senators to oppose more bailouts, and vote no on the Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2022.

Communist-Style Price Controls

In the coming weeks, Congress will likely vote on the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act (H. R. 7688). This communist-style policy would allow the President and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to ban price gouging in a geographic area at their discretion for 30 days. The law would be enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorney Generals with fines. Sentinels should start contacting their representatives and senators and urge them to reject this bill.

Instead of increasing the supply of gasoline for Americans, under this bill, there simply won’t be any to buy at all! The Biden administration has crushed domestic energy production, and is now trying to ignore the basic rules of economics – if you implement price controls, you quickly will run into shortages. If the Biden administration wants to help consumers, The Heritage Foundation has an entire list of ideas for how America can reduce gas prices.

Sentinel means to stand guard – and you all are doing just that. Each of you are showing Congress that the American people are paying attention, and we will hold them accountable. Thank you for your activism. It is making a difference.

Janae Stracke
Director of Grassroots
Heritage Action