“Call your Florida representatives. This is a bad bill”


Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement



Florida Senators Should Endorse Racial Equality,

Not SPLC Hate Labels!


Republican leadership, Senate President Galvano and resolutuion sponsor Senator Simpson, are rushing a dangerous resolution through the Senate.  Masses of calls and emails are needed before 4PM, Tuesday, January 28th, 2020.
It won’t take but 10 minutes to call President Galvano, Senator Simpson and five Judiciary Committee members.
Just leave messages with your name and a statement
“I oppose the racist White Nationalist resolution CS/SR 214 because (one talking point).”
It is easy to send emails messages as the message is pre-loaded with subject and body, just add your name.

While resolutions do not carry the same importance as legislation, CS/SR 214, a resolution denouncing ‘White Nationalists’ is naïve, inaccurate, misguided, dangerous, without merit and divisive.  FLIMEN requests every concerned citizen take action against this resolution which is substantially based on information from the highly discredited and extremely polarizing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  See SPLC Exposed.


While Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) agrees with substantial parts of the resolution FLIMEN suggests one of the following changes;


  1. A total revision focusing on The American Principle of Racial Equality, as proposed in this letter.
  2. Striking of the ambiguous, dangerous, liberal, weaponized terms ‘white nationalists, white supremacists,’ or better yet.
  3. Table the divisive resolution and move onto legislation that has real benefits to Floridians.

FLIMEN has virtually no media coverage so it is mainly up to concerned citizens who receive this message to take action.  Please make the calls below and FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR LISTS, especially groups.


Talking Points;


Call to Senate President


Call to Resolution Sponsor


Calls to Judiciary

Optional calls to Infrastruture and Security committee that passed the resolution favorably

Attend Judiciary Meeting

MEETING DATE: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
TIME: 4:00—6:00 p.m.
PLACE: Toni Jennings Committee Room, 110 Senate Building, Tallahassee, FL
Watch Judiciary Meeting Live


Can you find any other race targeted in the SPLC-centric Bill Analysis?


Racial Equality
Adopting the American principle of Racial Equality provides an opportunity to redirect the narrative and would provide a more universally acceptable goal.


FLIMEN has provided a draft resolution based on the American Principle of Racial Equality in this letter.


The Bill Analysis states;

“Florida has been the site of several mass shootings that include Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Jacksonville Landing, as well as a SunTrust Bank in Sebring.1 Many of these acts of targeted mass violence appear to have been motivated by violent extremism based on a variety of supremacy philosophies.”
The very next paragraph is about ‘white nationalists.’ It is inaccurate and simplistic to equate these atrocities exclusively to ‘white nationalists.’


The left never fails to sensationalize tragedies like these, even if there is no connection to ‘White Nationalism and White Supremacy’ if it benefits their narrative.


Liberal Narrative Weaponization
The major problem with the term ‘White Nationalist’ is that it is the Democrats’ way of redefining terminology to smear Republicans or anyone who opposes their views, often those who support immigration enforcement.  FLIMEN has been the target of liberal Democrat smear campaigns for a long time, so we are a bit of an expert in this area.


SPLC is the main driver of much of the ongoing “Hate” and “Racist” rhetoric. SPLC is an antagonistic opponent to most every value for which Republicans stand, especially immigration enforcement. As an example, the SPLC instigated the boycott of Mark Krikorian of Center for Immigration Studies during a committee meeting last year. SPLC, was one of the parties involved in the federal lawsuit against the Anti-Sanctuary bill SB 168. Judge Bloom upheld all but a minor aspect of the bill. Yet Senate Republicans made SPLC central to this resolution!


SPLC calls any organization that supports immigration enforcement a “Hate Group, Racist, White Supremist, or Neo Nazi.” Their definition of ‘White Nationalist’ is wrong and ridiculously broad per their web page.


The wide, wide net caused by the ambiguous definition of ‘white nationalist’ will certainly be used against Republican by Democrats in the next critical 2020 election and thereafter.


Remember, Democrats have already changed the national narrative by overusing the word ‘racist’ as well as using the term ‘undocumented immigrant’ in place of the actual legal term of “illegal alien!”  Democrats are now falsely claiming that anyone using the term “illegal alien” should be accused of hate speech. With the current language in the proposed revision, Democrats will achieve equating people who support the rule of law and immigration enforcement in any form to be ‘White Nationalists or White Supremacists’.


We simply must not continue to allow the Democrats to define and control the narrative and the rhetoric!


Unbelievable but the very biased Bill Analysis even references this page below THAT CLEARLY SHOWS LIBERALS EQUATE NEO-NAZIS to ‘white nationalists.’  This is OUTRAGEOUS!


SPLC Defines White Nationalist



Their definition obviously equates “White Nationalist” to “neo-Nazi”!


So, what is a “White Nationalist?” To many it means a Caucasian who supports the concept of America First. It should be noted that America’s Founding Fathers were White, and they were decidedly Nationalists. Much of the deep difference between Democrats and Republicans is a different view of globalism vs. nationalism. President Trump has often expressed the concept of taking care of USA first, along with a skepticism on the ‘New World Order’ which is typically embraced by the Democrats.


“White Supremacy” means racial superiority which we despise.
Neo-Nazi has yet a different meaning, as an advocate of fascism, which we despise.
The common use liberal definition of “White Nationalism” is conveniently shown in an OP-ED by the Palm Beach (Com)Post.



There you have it very clearly; Democrats consider Republicans who support immigration law enforcement “white nationalism.”

Using simple logic with these examples;

Republicans supporting immigration enforcement=

White Nationalists =

White Supremacists =



Links clearly showing liberals constantly and viciously branding Republicans with SPLC labels;

More Information
This letter was sent to all Republican members of the Infrastructure and Security Committee (IS), the first committee to hear the resolution.
The IS Committee voted 7-0 for the resolution.
Video of the Infrastructure and Security Committee hearing is from 22:50 to 45:50.