Dear Friends of LIFA:

For many years I have prayed that one day a brilliant Christian conservative would write and propagate a counter to the Communist Manifesto. Which is one of the manuals for success the Marxist/Socialist/Democrat Party have used for decades. The strategies in it are almost fool-proof.

We not only lacked a manual to counter the Marxist advance but most Americans did not even know we were fighting a Marxist Revolution, the goal of which is always the cultural destruction and transformation of the countries they takeover.

Our enemy within and without took advantage of our Christian Worldview to the point that those who dared protest the terrible changes happening in our culture were made to look intolerant and evil by the Left. That gave way to the present “cancel culture” of today.

Marxism is a cancer that destroys everything in its path. They rule by fear and intimidation. We permitted the enemy to separate the young, not only from God, Christian parents, and conservative friends, but from their history and Judeo-Christian roots. Subliminally, schools and universities taught our kids that good was bad, and bad was good.

The article written by legal immigrant Trevor Louden, is as close to a counter Manifesto as we will ever have. Americans wasted their time fighting every strategy of the Left. Instead, they should have been screaming from the house tops: THIS IS A STEP IN THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER US – AMERICANS DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!

Mr. Louden is a genius whose book: “The Enemy Within” should be a must read in High Schools and Universities. Our kids should not be learning history from Howard Zinn’s American History textbook. Zinn is an anti-American, Communist. INDOCTRINATION is another powerful tool Marxists use.

It is no surprise we appear to have lost the battle. But our country is different to Venezuela or Cuba in some important ways. In Latin America the people wanted to depose unpopular dictators by embracing communism. In the USA, no President in history has been more popular than President Trump. Another difference, is that our country is composed of 50 sovereign states that delegated limited powers to the Federal Government and can push back against their overreach. Some states like Texas, Florida and South Dakota are pushing back.

To save our freedoms we must unite and faithfully implement the 9 steps Mr. Loudon proposes. Conservatives and Legislatures in the 50 states need to read and immediately implement his remarkable suggestions. We should all print the article and pass it around. It was published in The Epoch Times issue of March 10-16, 2021.  Here is the link 

Legal Immigrants for America