Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson told Sean Hannity on Fox News that if one of the terrorists who slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino on Dec. 2 was vetted and passed various background checks before being given a fiancee visa and allowed into the United States, then those facts alone should end the conversation about allowing any Syrian refugees into the nation. Dr. Carson added that in his opinion President Obama’s agenda “is not to protect the American people.”

Dr. Carson observed that there were apparently “extensive” background checks done as part of the vetting process for Tashfeen Malik prior to her receiving a K-1 fiancee visa and being allowed entry into the United States to marry. Carson concluded, “That should end the conversation” about Syrian refugees. Carson further observed about the Obama administration, “It hasn’t, because obviously, they have an agenda. If that doesn’t end the conversation, they have an agenda, and that agenda has nothing with protection of the American people.”

Carson urged the United States to ask Muslim imams and clerics “to help to find the difference between the Muslims who are incorporating themselves into American society and accepting our values, and the ones who are not.”

Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) has continuously stated that the United States must prohibit all immigration from Muslim countries on an immediate basis and the United States also must prohibit all Syrian refugees from entering the country on an immediate basis.

Failure to do so has already led to 130 people being slaughtered in Paris, France, and 14 people being slaughtered in San Bernardino, CA.

LIFA is committed to educating Americans and lobbying politicians all across the nation about the need to prohibit all immigration from Muslim countries and the need to prohibit all Syrian refugees from entering the country. LIFA will be a strong and impactful voice in Washington and in state legislatures all across the nation!

Please help us in this very important battle!

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