The new border policy that the Biden administration has now implemented, has been titled “Catch and Bus”. This replaces the prior administration policy of “Return to Mexico”. The effect is that thousands are now showing up at the border to await being released into the interior of the United States.

The word has gotten out throughout Latin America (and the world) that there is no longer any restriction on entering the United States illegally and in fact as soon as you enter your benefits will start. Whatever your background is you will be put on a Greyhound bus to go wherever in America you want to go.

Education and healthcare and pretty much everything else you need, other than the bus ticket, will be provided to you all to be paid for by American citizens. No wonder the good and the bad from all over the world are lining up.

Here is a link to excerpts from an article by Todd Bensman of Center for Immigration Studies with some of the detail of how easy it is to receive whatever America has to offer without having to pay for it.   


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America