Children being used to promote parents climate agenda


Of Monsters And Migration

Most parents seek to ameliorate their offspring’s fear of the abominable monster underneath the bed.  They at least attempt to calm the unnerving figments of their children’s overactive imaginations purportedly lurking behind the swaying window curtains.

Not so Swedish UN darling Greta Thunberg’s parents.  In October of 2018 this emotionally and psychologically troubled teen began channeling her internal anxieties into external climate change issues.  Her parents apparently embraced Greta’s apocalyptic boogeyman with open arms, encouraging her every step of the way, culminating in their daughter’s hysterical (admonition) speech, at the United Nations in New York City during the last week of September.

What renders this Swedish girl’s performance so utterly ironic is demonstrated by the fact that in various locations in her native homeland, the conditions are indeed every bit as anxiety inducing as she describes her mostly irrational fear of climate change.  Instead of reiterating the information presented in the hyperlinked article you may read for yourself how the number of bombings, murders and rapes have skyrocketed in this previously low crime rate country.

Uncontrolled immigration, particularly from the Third World, and failed integration policies are to blame.  If Greta desired to attack problems that may actually sink her native nation, all she has to do is walk out her front door.  But then again, that would imply dealing with and solving current real world issues.  Tilting at windmills has traditionally been an easier task than attacking immigration problems which require genuine, tough solutions.

A video titled ‘Sweden has Died’ proves even more prescient today than when it was first published three years ago.  If you can spare thirty minutes of your time it would be well worth watching.  Also, don’t be shy about reading the accompanying comments to the film.

The monsters and the migration are unfortunately both very real. 

Please do not let the United States go down the path of Sweden!

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America