“Christmas Poem from Washington”


‘Twas Almost 2020

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when across the House Floor

Not a congressman was present, not even Gwen Moore; The articles of impeachment still hung, without much care,

In hopes that the Senate’s trial, to Trump, would not be fair.


The Democrats waited, all smug with their allegations, While visions of conviction danced in their heads.

And Pelosi with her gavel, and Schiff and the press, Had just settled their brains for a long winter’s recess.


The Democrats objected to two presidents’ chatter,

Though the telephone transcript revealed not much was the matter.

The Democrats’ impeachment hopes pinned on Ukraine, The pointless Mueller Report’s more pointless refrain.


At the heart of their claims is just one phone call, And a weak claim aid, to Ukraine, Trump did stall.

False claims, hearsay, and closed-door testimony they did chase,

A futile effort to ensure Trump would not be in 2020’s race.


The founders reserved this course for high crimes and treason, But Schiff? He had a different, altogether made-up reason.

Short on actual evidence, and their efforts laid bare, It was, Schiff told us with a menacing glare,

None other than a presidential tit-for-tat, a quid pro quo, Even by their standards, this was a new low.


Adam Schiff with the nation’s Constitution previously never a friend, Had discovered a new purpose for the parchment – a means to his end. And he drew upon and included each founder by name,

All in an effort to put our president to shame:


“Now, Mason! now, Adams! now Washington and Hamilton! On, Jefferson! on Franklin! on, Jay and James Madison!”

But the House Democrats’ plan was set to spoil,

When the Republicans called as a witness the Dems’ foil.


Brilliant in the Constitution was Jonathan Turley,

His testimony made Schiff and Nadler even more surly. Turley said: The whole charade was a flimsy claim,

A way to do nothing more than shift the blame.


As I drew my eye to the TV, and was turning around, On the stage, Donald Trump came with a bound.

He was dressed all in MAGA, from his hat to his shirt, The economy is glowing, he was able to assert!


A bundle of positive statistics he flung out to joyous cheer.

The economy, from Obama’s stagnation, Trump was able to steer. The Dow is up, black unemployment is down, and America is great. Hadn’t Ronald Reagan promised this was our fate?


I sighed in relief when I saw him, in spite of his ordeal; It was clear the Democrats the election wanted to steal. A quick reminder of the polls to show he was ahead, Soon gave me to know the GOP had nothing to dread;


He spoke not a word of Adam Schiff, that jerk,

But went on and on about the economy and all those with work.

It’s hard to demean last month’s stellar jobs report, The Democrats are speechless and haven’t a retort.


Trump was able to sidestep the efforts to impeach, After all, it was transparent gross overreach.

But as I pondered Pelosi’s missteps, I heard him say,

“Happy Christmas to all, and see you on Election Day!”