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Congressman John Mica represents the district in central Florida where Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) has its headquarters. Recently, LIFA Founder Pola Hansberger asked Cong. Mica about issues affecting illegal immigration and border security. Cong. Mica responded to LIFA with the following comments:

“Unfortunately, the Obama Administration, some in Congress and a growing number of local governments continue to ignore the majority of the American people who believe that the first immigration priority must be to secure our borders and eliminate special benefits for those here illegally. Many reform proposals feature as their primary objective the granting of amnesty. These provide for the granting of legal status and a so called ‘pathway to citizenship.’ I cannot support these proposals or any immigration reform that attempts to reward an illegal act by establishing a preference for acquiring citizenship or legal status. Granting amnesty in any manner would reward those who enter the country illegally and is not an acceptable option.”

“Recently, the Administration has taken steps that undermine our national immigration laws, planning by executive action to allow over five million illegal aliens to stay in the country and ordering Border Patrol agents to reduce deportations … I believe these executive actions diminish respect for the law and will only encourage more people in the future to violate our borders….”

“Sanctuary city laws create local de-facto amnesty, and so I similarly cannot support such policies and am working in Congress to prevent their implementation. Disturbingly, there have been many recent news reports of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in and around sanctuary cities. There are over 200 sanctuary cities in the United States that disregard federal law by providing safe harbor to illegal immigrants. A large number of these illegal immigrants have extensive criminal records. We were recently reminded of the danger of these policies when Kathryn Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant with a record of violent crimes.”

“You will be pleased to know that, in response to this problem, I co-sponsored two pieces of legislation. The first is the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act, which recently passed in the House of Representatives and prohibits Department of Justice funds from going to state and local governments that are not in compliance with federal immigration laws. I also co-sponsored the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act which prohibits sanctuary cities from receiving any financial assistance from the federal government.”

“By harboring illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities degrade the rule of law and put the safety of American citizens in jeopardy. These bills are just two steps we have taken in our efforts to hold these cities responsible for their disregard of federal law and to prevent illegal immigration.”

LIFA greatly appreciates Cong. Mica and his strong stance against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration!

LIFA soon will be heading to Washington to lobby other congressmen and senators about the dire need to join Cong. Mica in strict opposition to sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, but LIFA urgently needs your generous financial support today in order to do so!

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