Dear Friends of LIFA:

The fact that some believe the Media’s propaganda that Latin Americans are all the same and similar to the American Latinos would be humorous if it were not so tragic. The unalienable rights that come from God that we in America enjoy are not available to most people south of the border. Rights and freedoms, we take for granted in the USA trigger persecution and death in many countries. Read what’s happening in Nicaragua.

It is true that in Latin America there are wealthy, poor, homeless, educated, uneducated, lawful and unlawful people. But the difference is in the numbers which are reversed in Latin America. There are greater numbers of poor than of wealthy, uneducated than of educated people and the only people able to change this dynamic have refused to do so for generations.

It is easier to manipulate and control the poor and uneducated. This is the reason Communism thrives in these nations. Politicians there, promise to bring “social justice”, “redistribution of wealth” and “equality” to win elections. But the redistribution of wealth is to themselves. They are more equal than others.

Our proximity to corrupt governments down south, exacerbates our immigration problems. Foreign Latinos graduating from our universities do not want to go back to their politically unstable countries. They fall in love with America and stay. However, these young people will do all they can to legalize their status and go through the immigration process voluntarily.

But, who can trust the ones who choose to hide who they are, and stay in America illegally for years? Can you trust those who have been coached on how and who to connect with to exert pressure on our President and Congress to get their Amnesty. Do not expect the natural born and traditional legal immigrant to approve of that. We are horrified at their antics, protests, lack of respect and submission to the laws of the United States.

The Media’s obfuscation of the differences between all Latinos is on purpose and meant to convince Congress that giving Amnesty to the illegal aliens is a good idea. But why are the Natural born and legal immigrants against it?

Could it be that we recognize that those who come illegally flying their flags are not coming to adapt and become Americans but to turn America into another country like theirs? In California we’ve seen illegal aliens asking the whites to go back to Europe, saying: “This is Mexico now.” We, the law-abiding Latinos, disagree!

Congress has to deal with realities. America is not a charitable institution. We need to stop trying to save the world from the consequences of their own actions, inactions, and culture. Importing other countries troubles makes no sense at all.

The problems in Latin America have to be resolved by Latin Americans themselves. The United States has to stop repeating the same mistakes of the past expecting different results. Albert Einstein made a comment about that.

We expect Congress to represent the citizens of the United States as they solemnly swore to do.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America




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