Cruz & Walker vs. Bush & Rubio on Amnesty and Immigration


Cruz & Walker vs. Bush & Rubio on Amnesty and Immigration


The battle lines of the 2016 Republican primaries are being formed more quickly than many of the establishment media pundits seem to realize and one of the first issues to form a fissure in the field and to, surprisingly, put two candidates with different bases in the Party apparently on the same side are immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

That Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio should end up as the leading pro-amnesty and pro-expanding legal immigration is unsurprising.

During a stop in New Hampshire “gringo aplatanado” Jeb Bush arrogantly referred to his plan to grant amnesty to illegal aliens (which no one has seen on paper by the way) as “the grown up plan” and later endorsed the idea of granting these same illegal aliens a path to citizenship, which would naturally include the right to vote and the “entitlement” to welfare, Social Security and a host of other taxpayer funded benefits.

Given that Jeb Bush endorsed the Gang of Eight bill back in 2013 and even urged a reluctant House to pass it or a similar measure, and re-endorsed the bill a month ago at a New Hampshire press gaggle, we can fairly stipulate that Bush and Rubio are in 100% agreement on what a “grown up plan” for amnesty and open borders looks like.

And in case you’ve forgotten, in addition to including a huge budget-busting Obama-inspired spending plan it pretty much dissolved American sovereignty and remade the American electorate in a way that would guarantee Democratic Party hegemony for decades to come.

The Gang of Eight bill was managed by the rules of the oldest game in Washington – packing a bill with spending and special interest favors that would never stand the smell test of public opinion on their own, but might gain a vote or two for the “comprehensive” bill.

In addition to setting up a “path to citizenship” the Gang of Eight bill also doled out millions of dollars in taxpayer money to various leftwing race-based interest groups, such as La Raz, to subsidize their efforts to advance the progressive agenda through voter registration of the newly legalized illegal aliens.

The Gang of Eight bill also expanded various special visa programs, such as the temporary work visas the tech industry wants.

Rubio could have “fixed” that problem for the tech industry simply by upping the number of such visas available under the current program.

Instead, the Gang of Eight bill created a new program which effectively wiped out any time limits or penalties for overstaying such visas resulting in, for all practical purposes, the creation of an open border.

So with Bush having endorsed and re-endorsed Rubio’s amnesty and immigration plan they are the leading pro-amnesty advocates in the GOP — like we said — no surprise.

What is surprising is that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has joined Texas Senator Ted Cruz in opposition to not just amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already here, but in also opposing expanding the legal immigration that poses not only a national security threat, but a threat to the quality of life for millions of middle-income Americans whose jobs are threatened and whose wages have already stagnated due to the ever-expanding wave of “techno-coolies” flooding the engineering, computer science and other white collar professions.

Ted Cruz and Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions have been the principle opponents in the Senate of the Gang of Eight approach to amnesty for illegal aliens and expanding legal immigration. Indeed, during the Committee mark-up Cruz offered as an amendment one of the best alternatives to the Gang of Eight bill – a border security only bill with no pork and unrelated provisions in it.

Walker’s position has been less consistent than Cruz’s; Walker first made unclear, but generally pro-amnesty statements and has then slowly walked that position back to the point where this week he came out in full Jeff Sessions mode to oppose both amnesty and expansion of legal immigration.

What makes Scott Walker’s newly clarified position so surprising is that the Walker is almost entirely the political creation of the business and Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican Party that supports amnesty and most especially the expansion of legal immigration that would allow them to continue to lower their costs by importing “techno-coolies” to displace American engineers, computer programmers and other middle-income professional employees.

The Chamber and various business interests pumped millions of dollars into Scott Walker’s campaigns in Wisconsin, particularly his successful effort to fight a union-inspired recall, and according to the “dance with the one what brung ya” calculus of politics you’d think Walker would adopt their position on amnesty and expanding legal immigration, but this week he joined Ted Cruz and came out strongly against the Bush – Rubio positions on those issues.

Jeffrey Anderson in a piece for The Weekly Standard titled “Walker’s Smart Play On Immigration” lays out that Walker isn’t just right for policy purposes—it’s a political winner too.

“Scott Walker’s recent comments suggesting that the United States’ policy on legal immigration should be focused on what’s good for American workers — a seemingly obvious point that nevertheless has ruffled feathers — offers further evidence of the Wisconsin governor’s political savvy,” Anderson wrote. “When two of one’s strongest competitors (namely, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio) share a weakness on an issue, it’s smart to draw attention to that issue by making clear there is daylight between you and them.”

Walker’s move toward Cruz on immigration and amnesty is indeed good policy and disavowing his corporatist roots in favor of a more populist position on amnesty and immigration is also smart politics, but it leaves Walker open to attacks from both the right and the left for flip-flopping or “evolving” in a way that is more political calculus than policy commitment.

But anything that defines Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as the pro-amnesty, anti-job candidates they are is helpful, so we’re with our long-time friend Phyllis Schlafly, Founder and CEO of Eagle Forum, who welcomed Walker to the fight for American jobs by saying, “I’m thrilled to see that Scott Walker wants to defend American jobs and understands that American voters are directly impacted by immigration — both illegal and legal.”


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