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Florida is usually one of the main states to decide the white house. The state tends to be Republican north, independent central, and Democrat south. Mary Anastasia O’Grady in a recent column in the Wall Street Journal writes about the critical and changing “Hispanic” vote in Florida. She says “Hispanics are not a race” also “Hispanics come in all races and from many ethnicities”

Obama’s trip to Havana in 2016 and his and his friendship with Raul Castro and the Columbian terrorist group FARC had much to do with the Democrat party losing the support of the Cuban-Americans who dominate the south Florida area. The polls which are historically biased toward Democrat are already showing Trump with a 4-point lead among Hispanics in Florida. Many believe this is more like a 10-point lead. The refugees from the Cuban infiltrated countries like Columbia, Venezuela and Nicaragua who now have become American citizens hate what has happened to their countries of birth. In some countries family members are only being kept alive by what is sent to them from their overseas relatives.

The problems that socialism/communism has caused is not limited to Hispanic countries. It has been causing increasing damage in Europe, Africa and throughout the world. The attached link shows how what we experience here in America in 2020 was predicted as far back as 1961.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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