Dear Friend of LIFA


Dear Friend of LIFA:

Our country is unique and admirable.  Because of our biblical foundations, each individual is trusted to be responsible for his/her actions.  There is an implied “honor code”.  Immigrants are expected to behave in the same honorable way.

Unfortunately, many foreign born do not adapt to the American ways and abuse the people’s trust.   Most enlightened Americans would consider it logical that if they bring a relative or guest to live with them, they are responsible for their support and guidance until they become self-sufficient.  But many legal or illegal aliens bring relatives and friends to America and direct them to social and federal welfare programs for their support.

This adds to the national debt; which our children and grandchildren will have to pay.  It is unsustainable!  The American taxpayer cannot be expected to pay for the poor of the world.  We are not even mentioning the cost of incarcerating, supporting, and deporting criminal aliens.  It is discriminatory and un-American for the foreign born coming here illegally to take what was created to help our own poor and disabled.

The availability of welfare and other benefits that do not exist anywhere else in the world, is well known overseas.  This is the irresistible magnet for illegal aliens.  We have to stop luring them to come.  Even rich, greedy aliens from all parts of the world come to take advantage of the largesse of the United States government.  Or, as they call it in Central America, The Pinata!  The time for Americans to be first is now thanks to President Trump.

In spite of the persecution President Trump has been under from the Media and politicians that oppose him, he is focused on enforcing pro-American immigration laws.   Please join LIFA in supporting our president’s efforts to curtail the abuses from the false “sponsors”.  Below is the link with his proposal.  Kindly forward it to others.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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