Dear Friends of LIFA


Dear Friends of LIFA:

President Trump’s imposing an initial 5% tariff on Mexican products is a very moderate act.  Mexico is no friend of We The People.   Their hypocrisy has to be revealed.  Do they care about the United States when they have allowed the constant inflow of drugs and contraband to come through Mexico to our borders for decades?  Do they care what happens to kids that overdose? No.  The corruption in Mexico and the rest of Latin America is well known.  They worship money and power.  They are Socialists.

The value of people in a Socialist society is contingent on whether you help the cause or not.  There is no room in a Socialist/Marxist society for Christian Conservatives.  No room for those who want to live in peace with fellow man.  No room for those who want to be responsible for their own actions and want others to do the same.

Mexico decided a long time ago that it was better to abuse the kindness of the American people than to defend righteousness.  In all of Latin America, which was colonized by Spain, not the British or Dutch, Roman Catholicism predominated.   Initially, they did many good things.  They opened hospitals and quality schools, they taught godly principles.  But unfortunately, the church now seems to be supporting socialist practices.

The experiment that was created by the Founders of the United States of America was based on the Christian principle of loving God above all, and your neighbor as yourself.  If you love your neighbor, would you destroy his family by allowing evil people to sell drugs to their children?   Would you not feel compassion when parents lose their children to drug addiction?  Would you not celebrate the success of others and be sad at their suffering?

The United States success has not been kept a secret.  It is open to other countries to emulate and it is based on biblical principles and on the population to be of one accord in practicing loving Christian principles.  Atheism, Paganism, and Idol Worshiping has never in the history of mankind brought about freedom, happiness, or contentment.  It brings idolatry, love of money and power, unwarranted hate, envy, covetousness, disrespect of authority, and all of what we are witnessing today in our battle to keep our basic, human, freedoms alive.

The United States has been, and most Americans want it to continue to be, the shining city on the hill that attracts those who want to adapt to our ways and culture and do not wish to destroy us.  LIFA thanks Franklin Graham for inspiring to pray for our president in these tumultuous times.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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