Dear Friends of LIFA


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Legal Immigrants for America is the voice of many but most especially the voice of those who have lost countries to Communism.  Recently, new naturalized citizens were given the chance to exercise their right as American citizens by signing a petition in favor of a Florida Constitutional Amendment to ensure that only American citizens have the right to vote.   They helped get over 1.3 million signatures, nearly double the needed number to qualify the amendment for the 2020 Florida general election ballot.  Florida and Alabama are the first two states to put such measures on the 2020 ballot.   We are attaching the link to an article with more information below.

The new patriotic Americans are proud and grateful to be naturalized American citizens; they consider it a privilege to vote.   They do not want their votes cancelled out by those in our country illegally.  Three men who were born in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua were recently interviewed. They related the opportunities America has provided them. They love America. They are the antithesis of Ilhan Omar, the Muslim refugee from Somalia recently elected to Congress. Instead of being grateful to be given citizenship she attacks and demonizes our country, acting oblivious to the fact that in her own country of birth a woman is considered inferior to men and not of much value.  If the woman is not a “believer” then she has no value at all.

Oman found three other equally anti-American and confused freshmen Congresswomen to support her.  What do they have in common?  They all hate their country – The United States – and would like to fundamentally transform it into a utopia that does not exist.  These ideologues are not listening to the victims of Socialism, Communism, or to the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

It is a shame we cannot have a qualifying test for aspiring politicians to take before they are allowed to run for office.  One that would determine their ability, knowledge, morality, honesty, and soundness of mind.  In private industry this is a standard practice.  It is also a Biblical mandate.

Congress is becoming increasingly dysfunctional.  We can only imagine the frustration other smart, patriotic, and qualified Congress people must feel having to deal with such radically out-of-touch members.

Something else the four have in common is their use of the label “women of color” to hide under.  It permits them to label their opponents as “racist.”  These leftist, Orwellian tactics are used by those whose arguments are faulty and ineffective.  There are millions of “women of color” that have their facts right and do not hide under any label.  Is it not horribly racist to hate patriotic “Americans” no matter what their color, ethnicity, or religion?

Legal immigrants that have experienced the worst in other countries are truly the hope for America.  They are the most passionate defenders of freedom.  They are the least politically correct and the most concerned about the preservation of our freedoms and the Founding Fathers Constitutional Republic.

Those who have fled tyranny realize that if these women in the “Socialist Squad” get their way, our future generations will inherit a country they may also have to flee, as their parents or grandparents did theirs.  The question we have is… Where will they go?


May God continue to bless America!


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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