Dear Friends of LIFA:


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Influential Republican State Senator David Simmons has plans to promote legislation to give aliens living in Florida, who have entered the United States illegally, permits or drivers licenses to legally work and drive.  The fact that in the past year over 400 Americans have died at the hands of illegal aliens in just the state of Florida does not seem to bother him.

Too many politicians allow themselves to be persuaded by the enemies of our country on the Left that what is good is bad and what is bad is good.  For example, endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens and residents of the USA is not bad; giving legality to illegal aliens who have never been vetted and may be escaping their countries’ authorities to avoid paying for crimes committed there is good.  That the United States should permit them to live, work, drive, and enlarge their territory is insanity.

For Senator Simmons to pursue giving legal driver licenses to illegal aliens to “bring them out of the shadows” and potentially turn them into law abiding citizens is ludicrous and shameful.  Just imagine 800,000 illegal aliens, now living in the state of Florida, who simply flee the scene while they have auto accidents while driving in our roads under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  It will be like playing Russian Roulette to drive on our streets.  We would be placing our law enforcement people, our citizens, residents, even illegal aliens, and tourists in grave danger.    

As a naturalized citizen who entered America legally, I guarantee you that the process of legal immigration has never endangered anyone’s life.  Illegal aliens put their lives into the hands of gangsters, human and sex traffickers, and other criminals when they cross the border illegally.  The only reason a handful of good people are permitted to accompany this army of criminals is that they serve as their shields.

Illegal immigration is wrong.  The beneficiaries of it are criminal elements and companies in agriculture, construction, and hospitality who need slaves.   Shame on the Chamber of Commerce for endorsing illegal immigration!  Corporations do not provide health insurance for illegal aliens as they would for American citizens or US resident full time employees.  This alone is a tremendous savings for them.

However it is not up to Corporations to make sure that American citizens and Residents do not get killed in our roads by illegal aliens. That is the government and law enforcement’s responsibility.

A partial solution to the enormous dilemma of illegals in Florida is to enforce E-Verify.  Let our legal Florida resident aliens and the natural-born American be hired again. It is time we demand that Florida Corporations and powerful companies benefiting from our wonderful business climate and tax laws accept the laws that support American’s economy and its inhabitants. We must demand that our legislators, such as Senator David Simmons, not rewrite laws to benefit corporations and the illegal workers they exploit.

Please call the office of Senator David Simmons. Tell the person who answers or leave a message that you oppose this dubious legislation.

Telephone: 407-262-7578

You may also write the Senator by mail:

The Honorable David Simmons

State Senator. District 9

The Capitol

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100


As the Senate is not in session this month, you may prefer to write him at his Longwood office:

220 Crown Oak Centre Drive

Longwood, FL 32750


For email contact go to Senator Simmons’s website at:


Do it now! Our country depends on your taking action.



Amapola Hansberger


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