Dear Friends of Lifa


Dear Friends of Lifa:

As the election draws nearer, we must analyze just how strong, healthy and sharp each of the Presidential candidates are. This is over and above ideology. The leader of the free world must deal with a lot of other leaders in the world. He must know how to negotiate with those leaders who are our enemies to keep us out of war.

We have seen the stamina and energy that President Trump has shown. We have also seen where even though he contacted the covid19 virus, he barely slowed down with just a few days in the hospital before resuming his duties in being the countries leader.

We also saw Joe Biden spending most of the time in his basement bunker only emerging for short periods to respond to the questions and read the answers his handlers have prepared. We now have a video of the real Joe Biden his handlers do not want you to see. Which of the two candidates do you want to have representing America?

Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants foe America

Link to Joe Biden video