If you look at the contemporary history of the Democrat and the Republican Party you will note an interesting difference.


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If you look at the contemporary history of the Democrat and the Republican Party you will note an interesting difference.

The Democrats enlist attorneys to occupy every office from the presidency on down to Congress and other agencies

The Republican Party is different.  They tend to be more oriented toward business people as leaders, but also have doctors, teachers, farmers, economists, as well as attorneys.

We do not denigrate attorneys, but running a country is much more like running a business than it is like conducting a trial. This is why when the Republican party is in power businesses tend to thrive. Decisions tend to be made more for the economic health of the country. Jobs and the general economic well-being of a country places it as a respected leader of the free world. The disadvantage is that the country which offers more prosperity to its inhabitants will attract more immigration, legal and illegal to its shores. Since business is the strength of many of the Republican leaders, America is now back to becoming more of a producer and manufacturer of products. The current administration’s belief is that their best chance of getting reelected is to continue to boost the economy and help create wealth for all the people making the country look good.

During Democrat party reign, leaders who are more oriented to lawyer issues spend time devising ways to bring down the opposition by legal means. The current Democrats have just spent the last 3 years investigating to try to find something to hurt the Republicans enough so the Democrats can win by default. Where the Republican side tends to push for individual effort and responsibility, the Democrat side pushes that everybody has a “right” for free stuff even if it has not been earned. They also believe the best chance they have of getting back in power is to make the country look bad.

These differences in the basic experience and mind set in the backgrounds of the party leaders has never been so obvious as it is today. The separation is so wide that it has separated families, broken friendships and created a culture of hate between people that seems more extreme than it has ever been before.

Please go to the goLIFA.com website for the article “Republicans tend to be people who create wealth “, for more information about the backgrounds of many of the leaders of the past and present.

In the past people came together to defend America against tyrannical regimes that tried to destroy us. Let us hope and pray that it does not take another war to bring America together again.


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America


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