Dear Friends of LIFA


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Democrats do not like to lose elections and they will take every step possible to avoid losing. Notice when it is close, it is always the Democrats who suddenly produce boxes of previously unknown ballots that were strangely found in private cars and trucks.

The situation in Broward County is just a more obvious example of how they operate. The classic has to be the rented car that was turned in at Fort Lauderdale airport with a box of ballots in the trunk. The strange coincidence was that the renter, a Democrat operative from New York, just happened to be in Broward County for the election. It almost seems like they consider it an honor to be found cheating.

This situation in Brower County, Florida and in Fulton County in Georgia is only an example of the dishonesty and dirtiness of the globalist left and to what degree they are willing to stoop in order to attain power.  It is definitely not American!

This was in Facebook:

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was blocked from taking video of the trucks going in and out of the election office in Broward County, where Brenda Snipes is overseeing the recount of the Broward County votes, which begins at 7 AM.

As the search continues for provisional ballots that could put Andrew Gillum over the top, the Democrats are establishing the scenario of a “Banana Republic,” according to a sitting member of Congress who tried to film the trucks coming and going.

I was told it was “unsafe” for me to video trucks moving things in and out of the Broward SOE office. Then, they block court-ordered access. It’s a banana republic down here. #BrowardElection

You aren’t hearing much about the caravan since the election. I am not sure whether the Dems have decided the caravan has served their purpose of influencing the election or if they plan now to use Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the house to exercise some trick to get them in.

There has been some discussion as to just what created the opportunity for the organizers to put caravans together. A significant contributor was the lack of a consistent workable policy for Central America by the state departments of both the Bush and the Obama administrations. Many of those deep state officials are still there. They created situations where corrupt central American governments became even more beholden to the drug cartels, all with the support of the US state department. Finally, the drug cartels become so invasive that they make citizens ready to believe anything the caravan organizers tell them. The cartel members naturally join up as well. As, Hilary’s mentor, Saul Alinsky famously said, never let a tragedy go to waste.

The hope we have is that with the increase in the Republican majority in the Senate, President Trump will be able to appoint more judges. That includes both to Federal courts and to the Supreme Court. That will make the difference that will last for decades, and Yes, it will Make America Great Again.


God Bless America

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America