If the Democrats in Orlando Choose to be a Sanctuary City it may cost the Democrats the City and the State


By Javier Manjarres

Believe it or not, the real “sleeper” issue in this year’s upcoming mid-term elections could be immigration reform, but specifically how to deal with the wedge issue of “sanctuary cities.”

Here in Florida, the crowded Republican and Democratic gubernatorial races could hang on whether “sanctuary cities” should comply with existing federal laws.

All of the Republicans-AG Commissioner Adam Putnam, Speaker Richard Corcoran (expected to run) and U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis (also expected to run), have all express their opposition to “sanctuary cities.”

DeSantis is as hawkish as they get on immigration reform on the federal level, but Corcoran is just as tough against illegal immigration on the state level.

Corcoran’s support for Rep. Larry Metz’s HB 9, anti-sanctuary city bill will surely help bolster his already existing immigration bona fides.

Metz’s bill is simple, calling for local and state agencies to abide by and obey federal laws as they pertain to immigration reform, and would prohibit those local directives that govern sanctuary cities.


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