Donald Trump, Pope Francis, And The Wall


pope-trump-response“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian … I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that.”

With those words, Pope Francis dove headfirst into the 2016 presidential campaign, even while denying that he was attempting to do so.

And in doing so, the Pope probably helped out Donald Trump in a monumental way.

First, a few words about the wall which Donald Trump loves and the Pope despises.

CNN recently performed an analysis about how to build such a wall along the 2,000-mile-long border between the United States and Mexico. CNN determined that a cinder block wall would be too labor intensive and a poured concrete wall would not be sufficiently strong. CNN concluded that pre-cast concrete panels were the best solution. Each pre-cast concrete panel would stand 20 feet above the ground and sink 5 feet below the ground, and each panel would be 10 feet wide. Panels would be connected by reinforced steel.

CNN projected the total cost to be $10 billion. Trump has said that he could build it for $8 billion.

Trump insists that he will make Mexico pay for the wall. He has stated, “The cost of building a permanent border wall pales mightily in comparison to what American taxpayers spend every single year on dealing with the fallout of illegal immigration on their communities, schools, and unemployment offices. Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico (tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options). We will not be taken advantage of anymore.”

And then Pope Francis comes along and suggests that Donald Trump “is not Christian” because he focuses on building a wall. Trump responded to the Pope by stating, “The Mexican government and its leadership has made many disparaging remarks about me to the Pope, because they want to continue to rip off the United States, both on trade and at the border, and they understand I am totally wise to them. The Pope only heard one side of the story – he didn’t see the crime, the drug trafficking, and the negative economic impact that current policies have on the United States. He doesn’t see how Mexican leadership is outsmarting President Obama and our leadership in every aspect of negotiation.”

The words of Pope Francis on this matter are unbiblical.

Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) will soon be publishing a book entitled “The Bible And Immigration” which examines exactly what the Bible says about immigration. For instance, the Bible cites a multitude of examples of times when Israel requested migratory permission to travel through various lands. No illegal immigration was ever involved. Respect was expected and respect was shown to various nations and their borders. The Bible also is quite clear about the importance of establishing borders and boundaries which, of course, would include walls. God even ordained borders for the Promised Land. God also warned against using compassion or emotion as excuses to justify illegal behavior or to excuse its punishment, which is precisely what Pope Francis is attempting to do, in clear violation of God’s Word.

John Calvin wrote, “If they [governmental authorities] ought to be the guardians and defenders of the laws, they should also overthrow the efforts of all whose offenses corrupt the disciplines of the laws … For it makes no difference whether it be a king or the lowest of the common folk who invades a foreign country in which he has no right, and harries it as an enemy. All such must equally be considered as robbers and punished accordingly.”

Pope Francis needs to understand the words of John Calvin and the Bible. The Pope’s personal attack against Donald Trump was politically inspired, not biblically inspired.

As mentioned above, LIFA soon will be publishing a new book entitled “The Bible And Immigration.” The book will examine all that the Bible says about legal immigration, illegal immigration, examples of migration in the Bible, the responsibility of the immigrant, the responsibility of the government, and the responsibility of the Christian.

LIFA will send copies of “The Bible And Immigration” to both Donald Trump and Pope Francis!

Please support LIFA online today at so that LIFA may continue to proclaim to the nation and the world, and all of its political and religious leaders, exactly what the Bible says about immigration!

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