Don’t let them steal the election in Florida. Call the Governor and your congressman.


* * * Please Read, and Act. This is the single most urgent message I’ve ever sent in my life.* * * 


Jim Staudenraus here. 

Many of you remember me from my days fighting illegal immigration as Field Director for a Washington DC NGO.

– I was the guy who worked with FDLE to put Florida into the Nation’s first ever state-wide 287(g) enforcement program.

– Working alongside patriot DA King, we defeated Gov Jeb Bush when he tried to sneak through legislation giving Driver Licenses and Voting Rights to Florida’s illegals.


Today, I am not affiliated with any group or campaign.

Below, is the most important illegal immigration message of my life.

Here’s why.

I’ve uncovered a multi-million dolar plot to steal Florida this November.

George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, Andrew Gillum, FLIC Votes, and the very worst Tallahassee RINO’s are all working together.


In public, Andrew Gillum says he’s running a massive “Voter Registration Drive” to get 1 Million new DEM voters in FL. Gillum says he’s targeting Ex-Felons, so-called “immigrants”, and hundreds of thousands of folks who fled hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


In reality, Andrew Gillum has partnered with a nasty group you already know about. With millions from Soros and Bloomberg, Gillum is working with radical pro-illegal “Florida Immigrant Coalition”, and their new offshoot group “FLIC Votes”.


In reality, this isn’t about registering DEM voters.

We’re looking at the biggest BALLOT HARVESTING operation ever seen in this country.

How many illegals will have their Ballots harvested by a radical group like “FLIC Votes”?


Whatever you think of President Trump, without a second term, our Republic is guarantted to see Zero Enforcement, and the biggest Amnesty ever granted.


The Good News: An excellent Bill, HB-1159 has been sponsored by Rep. Mike Hill (R) District 1.

If HB-1159 becomes law, Ballot Harvesting becomes a FELONY.

HB-1159 destroys the Soros/Bloomberg/Gillum Florida plot.


The Bad News: Tally RINO’s all oppose this common-sense Legislation. They support unrestricted Ballot Harvesting, even if it robs President Trump of a second term. Tally RINO’s are counting on our ignorance. They’re “Running the Clock” on us.


Please Call and Write the Governor’s Office immediately:

Tell Ron DeSantis to get HB-1159 out of the State Affairs Committee, and all the way through to his desk for signature!

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

The Capitol, 400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

CALL TODAY Tel (850) 488.7146



Jim Staudenraus

P.S. – The last Republican who lost Florida, and still won the White House was Calvin Coolidge in 1924.