“Education in America is being destroyed by illegal and poorly administered legal immigration.”



Mass immigration’s impact on American education and graduates. Plus — DEM debate analysis.

Immigration and the schools

Christy’s recent blog looked at how “immigration is pricing Americans out of an affordable higher education.”

Now, with the surge of minors and family units at the border (coupled with continued record legal immigration rates), more communities are experiencing immigration’s impact on primary education.

“If Congress fails to tighten legal immigration limits and enforce our existing laws to prevent illegal aliens, immigration will drive 96% of U.S. school-age population growth over the next fifty years,” writes Lou Di Leonardo:

Consider what’s happening in Nashville, Tennessee. One in three public school students now speaks a primary language other than English — with over 120 languages spoken overall. After spending on English-as-a-second-language programs skyrocketed in 2017, school officials cut back on textbooks and science equipment. Teachers struggled to tailor lesson plans to large classes with varying English comprehension levels.

Good luck, graduates

While schools are cutting corners to accommodate record levels of immigration every year, the U.S. government is cutting 15 percent discounts to corporations who bypass American graduates (both native and foreign-born) in favor of foreign workers. Hilarie Gamm explains to John Binder:

“So what’s happening today is you’ll have children that are American citizens where their parents have basically bankrupted themselves to send their kids to these American universities and they’ll be sitting alongside their foreign friends who are … earning the same degree,” Gamm continued. “And those foreign children will have a job offer in hand when they graduate and the American child will not have even gotten an interview for that same company.”

….The incentive for Amazon and others to hire OPT foreign workers comes in the form of a 15 percent discount that has allowed multinational corporations to evade at least $20 billion to $30 billion in FICA taxes over the years.

Rep. Paul Gosar has introduced a bill to level the playing field:

“The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act (H.R. 3564) is legislation I introduced in June to end the OPT program. Its passage will level the playing field for American educated job seekers to have a real shot of getting hired, while eliminating the tax incentive to hire foreign labor before American citizens.”

State of the DEM debates

With the next round of Democratic Presidential Debates coming up this week, Jonette Christian has a roundup of the political commentary that followed the July debates in “Support for open borders will be Democrats’ undoing in 2020.” Christian’s take:

Triggered by President Trump’s racism, and confident in their own moral superiority, Democrats have only become more radical, embracing ideas unimaginable even five years ago. Congressional leftists are unwavering in their support for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (an idea supported by 43 percent of Democrats). And the Democratic-controlled California Legislature passed a statute curtailing cooperation with ICE. Yet 80 percent of the public answered “yes” to this 2017 Harvard-Harris Poll question: “Should cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes be required to turn them over to immigration authorities?” All 10 of the presidential candidates at a recent debate supported free health care for undocumented migrants, something we don’t even provide for our own citizens. Is this the game plan to defeat Trump?


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