English language is essential for assimilation in America


Dear ProEnglish Supporter:

National Review editor and columnist Rich Lowry recently penned an opinion piece headlined: “Yes, The English Language Is Important.” The article included a sub-headline that read: “There’s no substitute as a source of social cohesion.”

Lowry began his column by observing: “I wouldn’t have thought the importance of the English language in America would be controversial, but our era is full of surprises.”

In Lowry’s recently-published book entitled “The Case For Nationalism” he stated that English was a “pillar of our national identity.” Lowry pointed out the importance of a common language as a source of social cohesion.

Lowry observed: “Where a common language is present, it creates a cultural glue; where it isn’t, there are usually deep-seated divisions.” He cited Canada, Belgium, and Spain as examples of countries with deep-seated linguistic divisions.

Lowry summed up his very compelling National Review column by concluding: “In short, language occupies an outsized space in the cultural life of nations, and the role of English here in the United States is no different.”

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