Even Death Valley Can’t Stop LIFA!



After Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) completed its very successful meetings and speaking engagements in Las Vegas and Mesquite, the tour continued onward to Apple Valley, CA. Apple Valley is between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and is a hotbed for illegal immigrant activity.

LIFA’s Apple Valley speaking engagement and luncheon was hosted by Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos. Raul did an outstanding job in coordinating the event, as several dozen legal immigration activists from various organizations attended the luncheon. America First Latinos, We The People Rising, The Remembrance Project, and the Inland Empire Oath Keepers were among the several organizations which participated in the LIFA event in Apple Valley. The question-and-answer session after the LIFA speaking engagement lasted almost as long as the LIFA presentation itself, as participants were loaded with questions and comments about how to stop the scourge of illegal immigration in California. Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos and Robin Hvidston of We The People Rising and The Remembrance Project did an excellent job in coordinating the outstanding LIFA event in Apple Valley.

Following Apple Valley, LIFA journeyed across Death Valley and into the Wild, Wild West for a spirited presentation in Pahrump, NV! Even Death Valley could not stop LIFA from its appointed rounds! Death Valley is aptly named, and is quite beautiful in its barren desolation. LIFA’s Pahrump event was hosted by the Nye County Republican Party and led by Tina Trenner, a candidate for the Nevada Assembly. LIFA also met with Leo Blundo, the Vice-Chairman of the Nye County Republican Central Committee, in Pahrump, and LIFA conducted media interviews with Dwight Lilly, the well-known host of TV and radio shows in Pahrump. LIFA also had the privilege of conducting a follow-up radio interview on the Dwight Lilly Show shortly after the Pahrump event, and people in 24 different countries were listening to LIFA’s radio interview with Dwight Lilly online.

LIFA’s Pahrump speaking engagement was a spirited and boisterous affair! LIFA engaged the Pahrump crowd about a variety of issues affecting legal and illegal immigration, including the dire need to build a wall on the border with Mexico, but not everyone in the Pahrump crowd was in total agreement about the need to build a border wall. The Pahrump question-and-answer session turned into a rollicking affair, as LIFA traded jabs back and forth with those in the crowd who opposed building a wall. LIFA firmly stood its ground on the issue and refused to give in on the matter, even in the face of intense questioning, and in the end all those who had been opposed to the building of a wall on the border admitted that they might have to re-think their position on the issue. Pahrump proved to be a rambunctious end to an action-packed trip by LIFA into the Wild, Wild West!

All told, LIFA traveled more than 2,000 miles by air and more than 800 miles by SUV during its brief journey to Nevada and California. LIFA made a significant impact at all of its meetings and speaking engagements. LIFA now has presented its legal immigration message to the citizens of several different states, including Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, and LIFA has many additional speaking engagement invitations in hand in a host of additional states as well.

LIFA’s vital legal immigration message is resonating all across the United States, and we need your help to keep spreading our message!

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