Fighting for freedom!


Dear Friends of LIFA:

The war we are fighting is for freedom.  If you exercise your 1st Amendment rights, even if you are a Fox News favorite, you are instantly under attack.  But the Left can lie and accuse our president of falsehoods without evidence.  Insult, and demean those who voted for him, and physically attack their fellow citizens for just wearing a MAGA hat, with minimal consequences.

It appears that President Trump inherited an Oligarchy not a Constitutional Republic.  The American people kept in the dark as this type of totalitarianism was being built by previous administrations.  We the People of this United States are betrayed by both parties and elected officials.

An oligarchy controls all government agencies, and is equipped to survive even the election of a Republican president.  In an Orwellian way, the Globalists control, in addition to the government agencies, the Media, public schools, universities, Hollywood, and the giants of technology like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Unbeknownst to We the People, our 1st Amendment rights were eroded.  Christian conservatives cannot speak openly today, without fear of retaliation.  Where is our freedom?  When did the threat begin of becoming a Secular/Socialist/Communist or Islamic nation?

In a booklet written by Dr. Ben Carson: “In God We Trust” he denounced the treatment, our heroic military, in all of the branches, received during the previous administration.  The policies implemented by them were catastrophic for Christian soldiers and chaplains.  Dr. Carson listed six cases where honorable soldiers, suffered severe punishment, court-martial, dismissal, enlistment reduction, and abusive treatment for expressing biblical views.  Good sounding bills created by the Left are always the opposite of what they claim to be.  They are experts in language manipulation, we can’t forget that.

Our contribution is to keep the switchboard of the Congress of the United States ringing all day long.  Go to for your representatives website and phone number.  Let them know your position that their promotion of open borders, sanctuary cities, and lawlessness, is treasonous and anti-American.

You can also help organizations like LIFA and others, financially.  Conservative organizations combat the enemies of freedom every day.  In most cases, we are the David fighting the Goliath’s.  We are the Southern Poverty Law Center victims.

The good news is that America is not asleep.  Our young conservatives are speaking out and defending their rights at universities.  We have a courageous, resilient, America loving, determined MAGA president in the White House.   And above all, Americans are praying and as the Bible says: “If God is for you, who can be against you?”  We can and we will win this war!



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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