First Call To Action of 2022!


And so it begins folks,

That’s right, we are coming in early with our first opportunity for your communities to get involved for the 2022 Session. On Monday afternoon at 4pm the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee will be taking up SB946, which is the Film Incentive bill for this year which we are standing in Opposition to. You can read the bill at the following link and some just brief talking points are as follows:

Corporate welfare is the act of government picking winners and losers in the market, and giving out taxpayer dollars to their preferred industry or company. But we know the only real way to promote economic growth, and make sure everyone is competing fairly, is for the people to decide who deserves their business. This bill, SB946, would hand over potentially millions of dollars to the film industry, all at the cost of everyday Floridians.

Here is the ask: We need phone calls into District Offices starting today and going through Sunday encouraging the Senators in the Committee to vote No on SB946. The list of Senators is below and these are dial-through numbers so we can track our counts. Below is a short message that they can use when they call, or of course can make it their own. Then on Monday we will ask them to call again, but this time the number will route to their Tallahassee Offices.

“Hi, my name is *NAME*. I wanted to let you know that I OPPOSE SB 946 because it is corporate welfare. Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for corporate handouts. Please vote NO on SB 946 on Monday in your committee.”


Assigned lawmaker Number
Hooper (SD16) – Pinellas (850) 203-5490
Wright (SD14) – Brevard (850) 203-5605
Garcia (SD37) – Miami-Dade (850) 203-5673
Gruters (SD23) – Sarasota (850) 203-5695
Hutson (SD07) – Volusia (850) 203-5758
Pizzo (SD38) – Miami-Dade (850) 204-0557
Powell (SD30) – Palm Beach (850) 331-0196
Taddeo (SD40) – Miami-Dade (850) 331-0443
Torres (SD15) – Orange (850) 331-0571