Florida has passed a bill that will stop the out of state big money organizers like George Soros and the Koch Bros from using their money to try and control Florida politics


ALERT!  Governor DeSantis SIGNS HB-5 to Protect our Constitution

DATE:    June 10, 2019

TO:         USF & NRA Member and Friends

FROM:  Marion P. Hammer

USF Executive Director

NRA Past President


HB-5, Protecting Florida’s Constitution from Outsiders

HB-5 – Contains an amendment by Rep. James Grant (R) to restore the right of Floridians to control the Florida citizen ballot initiative petition process.

The amendment is intended to stop out-of-state billionaires from crafting amendments to Florida’s Constitution, then sending paid, out-of-state petition gatherers into Florida to collect petition signatures to change the Constitution for the benefit of out-of-state special interests.

The House voted 105-0 to pass the Grant amendment with 15 House members not voting. The Senate concurred in the Grant amendment and passed the bill 22-17.   On June 7, 2019, Governor DeSantis signed the bill into law.

Bill Cotterell, a reporter with the Tallahassee Democrat, framed it well in his article on June 8, 2019 when he said:

“When it takes effect, the bill will soon require people gathering petitions to register with the state and live in Florida, effectively eliminating a sort of cottage industry that specializes in crafting constitutional amendments and guiding them through the referendum process. It also forbids paying canvassers by how many voter signatures they gather.”

The new process takes effect in 30 days.

These changes are critically important to gun owners, as anti-gunners repeatedly try to subvert the Constitution and Second Amendment rights by imposing gun bans and gun control through the ballot petition process.